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    lol…$180 plus tax…lol..forget it

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    This is so far outside my budget its not funny. $150USD (why is the price quoted in US funds if this is the only Canadian option). That’s about 200$ CDN, and is an insane cost for one event. I am extremely unlikely to watch any of their other content, but have to pay for a full year. Worse, it has to be streamed, they dont indicate what resolution they are showing at (my tv is 4 k), and there is no app for the TV, so I have to watch on a computer screen, or send it to my tv from my phone or tablet. I tried watching hockey that way a few years ago, and it was laggy, broke up often, and just was unpleasant even with high speed internet and all samsung devices. I am unhappy that the Tour feels its a good idea to exclude Canadian audiences this way. Much of the country has substandard internet because our population is so spread out. I love watching the tour and have watched for years but seriously as a retired person that’s almost my entire entertainment budget for the year. I didn’t watch last year because of this companies monopoly and I guess I won’t ever be able to watch it again if this continues. Too bad, there are 3 Canadians in the Tour this year.

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    Rick Hopwood

    This is terrible. I have watched the tour every year for some 20 years. There is no way I’m paying $180 Canadian for coverage of a three week event once a year. I don’t know who bears responsibility for this decision but it was not in the best interest in promoting the sport.

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    Well this sucks shit that this is the only way to watch it in Canada. Not everyone has access to internet service good enough to stream.
    Always looked forward to watching. Guess those days are done.

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    Brian Jones

    Great. So what about the 75% of Canada where high-speed reasonably priced unlimited internet isn’t available? I live two hours north of Toronto and we don’t have high-speed internet here. For me to watch this programming I’d have to not only cough-up the $200 or so to buy the package, but hundreds of dollars more to pay for the internet overages that would result from watching all these races. This is a sad commentary on the Tour that it’s prepared to limit access to coverage, to such a select few viewers.

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    Really too bad. no reasonable way to watch our 3 Canadians race the Tour this year. And bad for growing grassroots racing in our country when there’s not a reasonable way to watch and be inspired!!

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    Jack Carlson

    It looks like my family now has me back for the next two weeks for the second time in 15+ years. In the past I have planned my days in July around watching the Tour but, sigh, no Canadian network has chosen to cover the largest sporting event on the planet ( as measured by live spectators).
    $200 for a streaming service is outrageous….. think I’ll go mow the lawn.

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    Watch it on YouTube, delayed a little. Who cares. Certainly not paying US150, and neither will 99% of the usual audience. So much for the popularity of cycling TV in N America. Idiots.

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    Catharine Dumpich

    I, too have watched 20 years of the Tour de France. Absolutely no way I can or would pay $180 to watch. Besides the $180 you have to pay for your internet which in Canada is quite expensive.
    Do they not want Canadians to watch? Used to look forward to the TV broadcast.

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    Ripped Off

    It’s the second year in a row that flobikes has a monopoly over broadcasting. The average human can’t pay $200 for streaming on a computer with Ads!!!!!!!!. And why would I want to? I would much rather pay for the service and watch it on 2 or 3 channels of television as before. Why is Canada excluded from the cycling world and we have 3 cyclists in the tour. Such a shame. You’ve lost your fan base. Such a bad idea.

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    Dena Bob

    So disappointed. I am a pensioner who watches Tour de France every year. Your price is beyond my means. I will not be watching the race this year.

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    I am furious over this . We have watched the tour for the past 2o years .your telling me the tour does not want our patronage any more.we pY hundreds of dollars for high speed TV cable and internet , but now have to pay an extra 200$ for a one month series.we live the tour but will not watch again this year this does not encourage biking or permit us to cheer on our canadian. The tour de france sucks!!!!

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    We discovered this platform last year when we tried to watch the Tour and as result missed every single stage. With a prominent Canadian cyclist actually in the running for a decent finish it is a real hoax to confine viewers to one provider and extortionist costs to boot. Surely we can do better than this. The Tour might as well have been cancelled all together for all the opportunity Canadians will have to enjoy it.

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    Pete Hetherington

    I agree with other comments. $180 ?? I may have signed up (probably) for $20. Have watched it in the past. Oh, well. $180? no way

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    I agree with most of the comments. Every year this has been on TSN. This is the second year which is hasn’t. And no, I’m not paying for this. I’ll watch the recaps on YouTube.



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    Wow, just wow.

    1st time in 30 plus years I will not get up at 5 am Pacific to catch race.

    Way too much $$$

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    Pathetic, this is what is happening now….all going direct streaming pure greed.
    If they think I am going to pay $150Usd,…they can shove it where the sun don’t shine.
    Hope they lose their shirt!

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    What an absurd way to promote a sport. Have watched the Tour de France for years; but can’t afford or am I willing to fork out the money ;especially in US dollars . To watch on a tablet. You should be ashamed.

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    This is so disappointing. I have watched the Tour for 20 years and always look forward to it every year. There should be other options for Canadians to view this great event.

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    Disgusting! How come the Tour de France organisation has agreed to this limitation?

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    Like a lot of folks commenting, I had watched for over 20 years too. 6 TSN channels; 8 SportsNet channels… – I’ve lost the plot. I suppose it means more time in July to actually get outside and ride.

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    I will add my name to the growing list of disappointed fans who for years watched this sport on standard TV with enthusiasm for years. Now it’s only for the wealthy. At $180, I hope Tour organizers suffer the wrath of fans’ dissatisfaction.

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    Sorry, $150 US for a stream only platform isn’t going to cut it. I really have enjoyed watching the tour as it is like the official start to summer for me. I’d PVR it every morning and then watch at night, avoiding the news and twitter all day to see the results as they unfolded. But at that price its just not good value for my entertainment dollars.

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    CDN Viewer

    Some very passionate fans here, shocked at how many have commented on this article.

    I find it shocking that a high calibre event like the Tour de France is not on traditional TV, especially since it has aired on TV for many years. This leads me to believe that either the organizers of the Tour increased the rights free and both TSN & Sportsnet decided to pass on picking it up OR the Tour organizers got greedy and decided to sign an exclusive deal with this streaming service that will be airing the race.

    Regarding this FloSports Network (which I have never heard of), I don’t understand why they don’t offer a monthly subscription like pretty much every other streaming service does?!

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    Fed up

    I have watched the Tour de France for years in England and Canada – now yet another sport chooses corporatism over loyalty to it’s supporters. Many sporting events cannot be accessed in Canada, certainly without paying huge amounts of money. Perhaps it’s time to reduce the income of some sports stars, teams and media and make sport inclusive again. Sad though to miss my favourite event of the year.

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    Karl Svoboda

    Absolutely worst broadcast decision ever made. Shame! For the first time in years we have 3 Canadians in the Tour, and we can’t watch it unless we cough up big money. Way to go in NOT promoting the sport.

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