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    Anna Smith

    I would like to add to Ian Hanomansin know that there was another casualty on Flight CP21 named Streaky.
    Streaky was a prize winning racing pigeon owned by L.E. Jim Smith, a well known racing pigeon fancier from Summerland BC. Streaky was the masterpiece of his life long passion of breeding and training racers. Streaky was on-route to a race out of Prince George at the time of the incident. Jim was heartbroken over the loss of his prized bird. The Summerland Review wrote a piece on the story at the time.

    Anna Smith, daughter of the late L.E. Jim Smith

    250 492 4912

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    Anna Smith

    Just a follow up to the CP21 tragedy and it’s 52 victims, regarding Jim Smith and his Racing Pigeon Streaky who was on board that flight. Recognizing that 52 people had lost their lives Jim felt a little foolish about the acknowledgement that he did receive for the loss of his champion pigeon as he was truly horrified for those individuals and their families. His story was covered in a Maclean’s magazine article by James Ross (not the Summerland Review) and he was interviewed on CKOR radio at the time. The ordeal affected him deeply on many levels. His young daughters watched the sky’s for a ridiculous amount of days hoping by some chance Streaky had survived the crash and would fly home. Their thought was that she may have just been hurt and needed a few days to recover before flying home.

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