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    Emperor Fred

    Not a lot of info here, but two interesting things I’m taking away from this:

    1) With The (new) Powerpuff Girls airing on Teletoon, it looks like they may be abandoning their strategy from last season of airing all the Cartoon Network originals exclusively on Cartoon Network Canada. Might we see Adventure Time or Robot Chicken return?

    2) New episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Teletoon? I think this may be the first time since Corus’ full acquisition of Teletoon that a Nickelodeon original will be premiering there. (Unless we’re actually talking about episodes of TMNT ’87 left over from Teletoon Retro.)

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    Joe Culp

    we need a Retro Cartoon network brought back to canada. Corus’ made the biggest mistake when they killed Teletoon Retro

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