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Channel Canada is an online source for all the latest news from Canada’s broadcast industry. We publish news from all sectors of the industry including broadcasters, production companies, streaming services, OTA stations and specialty channels. A special focus of our site is posting news on all the hottest TV series, including premieres, finales, new series launches and status updates. These updates apply not only to network series but also cable channels and online streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video & Netflix.

Close to 20 years providing TV news on the net!

Channel Canada was created by Randi Dertzo and John Melville back in 2001.  They maintained the site together for more than 10 years until 2012 when John decided to move on to pursue other projects.

From 1993 to 1998, Randi maintained Montreal’s Favorite TV Shows, his very first website! There was no RSS, Twitter or Facebook at that time so it was much more difficult to get all the info!

In 1998 up until the summer of 2001, he created and maintained Canada’s TV Zone. In the summer of 2001, John and Randi launched Channel Canada.  They relaunched the site with a new skin in 2006 and continued maintaining it together until 2012. The site was re-launched again in 2019 with a new look.

In 2018, long time forum member CDN Viewer joined Channel Canada and now runs the website as main content editor. He is now the heart & soul behind all the new sections and articles popping up on the website including the new “TV Series” and “Online TV” sections.

Other people behind Channel Canada

Nick (aka CDN Viewer)

Long time forum member, who as of 2018 is now Channel Canada’s content editor.  CDN Viewer is a media enthusiast and passionate TV viewer.

Gordon McDougall

Gordon was a contributor for many years.  He began by posting reviews for new fall TV shows as part of Channel Canada’s annual ‘Fall TV Preview’ site.  Gordon was a reporter and had a TV-related segment airing on Ottawa’s CFRA.  In addition, he was the original author of the popular ‘What’s On‘ column, which is posted once a week and offers a look at the must-see shows airing in the week ahead.  He posted this column weekly up until the summer of 2019, at which point it was discontinued due to Gordon’s untimely death.  An archive of his column, including the latest posts can be found here.  As of January 2020, CDN Viewer has re-launched the popular column.

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