Shaw Direct offers most HD in Canada as Anik G1 beams over 120 new HD channels to customers

Shaw Direct announced today the largest High Definition channel launch in Canadian history, bringing more than 120 new HD channels to its customers. This launch gives Shaw Direct customers the most HD in Canada, delivering more than 210 HD channels to its customers.

The new channels are enabled by Telesat’s Anik G1 satellite that launched on April 15 and which is now successfully in orbit, positioned to deliver the highest quality HD programming to Canadians from coast to coast. In addition to the HD channel launch, Anik G1 allows Shaw Direct to expand its programming offerings to include more local Canadian channels, Pay Per View and Shaw Direct On Demand.

“The launch of Anik G1 represents a significant investment by Shaw to bring our customers the next level of satellite entertainment and deliver the programming they want and need,” said Peter Bissonnette, President, Shaw Communications Inc. “With leading customer service alongside best in class entertainment options, including over 500 channels, 8,000 on-demand options and 3D capability — Shaw Direct customers won’t miss a thing.”

A full list of new channels is available below. Many new channels are part of existing channel packages, so subscribers with the necessary equipment will automatically receive several new channels at no additional cost.

Customers may require a hardware upgrade to access the channels carried by Anik G1 to be compatible with new and highly efficient MPEG-4 technology. Shaw Direct customers can get a message about the status of their hardware by opening their Shaw Direct guide, typing in channel 988/987 (en/fr) and pressingthe INFO button on their remote.

Owned and operated by Telesat, a leading global fixed satellite services operator, Anik G1 carries 16 nationwide extended Ku-band transponders fully leased to Shaw Direct.

New HD Specialties

Global News BC 1
APTN HD (East)
Family HD
Disney XD HD (East)
Disney Jr HD
Teletoon HD (East)
ABC Spark HD
Lifetime HD
Bravo HD
Comedy HD (East)
Discovery HD
W Network HD
NBA TV Canada HD
Sportsnet World
TMN Encore HD
MExcess HD
now up to 23 channels instead of 5

New French HD Specialties

Super Ecran 3 HD
Historia HD

New English HD Locals

CHAN-DT (Global – Vancouver)
CBUT-DT (CBC – Vancouver)
CIVT-DT (CTV – Vancouver)
CKVU-DT (City – Vancouver)
CHEK-DT (Ind – Victoria)
CFJC-DT (City – Kamloops)

CKPG-DT (City – Prince George)
CITV-DT (Global – Edmonton)
CBXT-DT (CBC – Edmonton)
CFRN-DT (CTV – Edmonton)
CKEM-DT (City – Edmonton)
CICT-DT (Global – Calgary)
CFCN-DT (CTV – Calgary)
CKAL-DT (City – Calgary)
CKSA-DT (CBC – Lloydminster)
CITL-DT (CTV – Lloydminster)
CFRE-DT (Global – Regina)
CBKT-DT (CBC – Regina)
CKCK-DT (CTV – Regina)
CKND-DT (Global – Winnipeg)
CKY-DT (CTV – Winnipeg)
CBWT-DT (CBC – Winnipeg)
CHMI-DT (City – Portage la Prairie)
CHCH-DT (Ind. – Hamilton)
CKPR-DT (CBC – Thunder Bay)
CHFD-DT (Global – Thunder Bay)
CICA-DT (TVO – Toronto)
CKMI-DT (Global – Montreal)
CBMT-DT (CBC – Montreal)
CFCF-DT (CTV – Montreal)
CJNT-DT (City – Montreal)
CIHF-DT (Global – Halifax)
CJCH-DT (CTV – Halifax)
CBNT-DT (CBC – St. John’s)
CJON-DT (NTV – St. John’s)

New French HD Locals

CHOT-DT (TVA – Gatineau)
CFGS-DT (V – Gatineau)
CFEM-DT (TVA – Quebec)
CIMT-DT (TVA – Rivière-du-Loup)
CHAU-DT (TVA – Carleton)
CIVM-DT (Tele-Quebec – Montreal)
CBAFT-DT (Radio-Canada – Moncton)
CBOFT-DT (Radio-Canada – Ottawa)
CBWFT-DT (Radio-Canada – Winnipeg)
CBXFT-DT (Radio-Canada – Edmonton)
CBUFT-DT (Radio-Canada – Vancouver)

NOTE: You can view the list of newly added channels for Shaw Direct and other providers on our “New Channels” forum that lists new channels by providers. If you register to our forums, you can then subscribe to the thread of your choice and receive an email whenever new content is added to that thread. A great way to be quickly notified of new additions!