HIFI, EQHD and RADX Now Available to All Shaw Customers – Free Preview on Shaw Cable

Blue Ant Media is thrilled to announce that Shaw Cablecustomers will now have access to specialty commercial-free, HD channels HIFIeqhd andradX until July 4, 2013Shaw Direct will also be offering HIFIeqhd and radX in free preview until August 29, 2013. These channels join Oasis HD to round out Blue Ant Media’s premium HD offerings.

“We are thrilled that HIFI, eqhd and radX are now part of Shaw’s HD line up,” said Andrew Irwin, VP Content Distribution and Partnerships, Blue Ant Media. “Shaw customers now have access to all our great premium commercial-free HD channels.”

HIFI, on Shaw Cable channel #249 and on Shaw Direct channel #132 (Classic) and #632 (Advanced), celebrates a world full of music, art and design. Sit back and take in the very best from iconic rock, jazz and opera concerts, to the world’s great museums and the passionate world of every day art. HIFI brings a sophisticated mix of art inspired documentaries, award winning movies and masterful concerts.

radX takes viewers on a thrilling and exhilarating exploration into risk, adventure, and danger. Featuring extreme journeys, enduring adventures and classic action flicks, radX can be found on Shaw Cable channel #248 and on Shaw Direct #134 (Classic) #634 (Advanced).

Gain new perspectives on Shaw Cable channel #247 and on Shaw Direct channel #133 (Classic) #633 (Advanced) with eqhd’s unflinching international award-winning documentaries and critically acclaimed series. Engage with different opinions, ideas and stories from historical and ancient civilizations, to current environmental and political affairs.

As of today, May 28, 2013, HIFIeqhd and radX will be packaged on Shaw Cable in the World & Adventure package along with Oasis HD, Canada’s nature channel committed to stunning, fabulous commercial-free programming, showcasing the endless beauty of the natural world. Oasis HD can be found on channel #246. On Shaw DirectOasis HD can be found on channels #258 (Classic) and #366 (Advanced) and these channels will be packaged together in the HD Extra 2 package.

To continue to receive this channel after the free preview call for more information on how to subscribe 1-888-472-2222 or Shaw.ca.