TV Gord Reviews A to Z

TVGordGlobal, NBC

In these jaded times, there’s something refreshing about watching a romantic comedy that intends to follow a relationship from its very beginning through all of its ups and downs…from A to Z.  It helps to have to engaging, familiar faces in the roles of Andrew and Zelda.  It’s also enjoyable to hear Katey Sagal (Sons of Anarchy) narrating their tale.  Even if … Read More

TV Gord Reviews Black-ish

TVGordABC, Citytv

It sometimes can be frustrating to review a series based solely on the pilot.  That’s what I found while watching Black-ish.  The first episode tries a little too hard to set up the basic premise for the series, which revolves around the frustration of an African-American father who is raising his children in a predominantly white community while trying to … Read More

TV Gord Reviews The Odd Couple


I had low expectations for this revival of The Odd Couple, and as I sat down to watch the pilot, I was in for an unexpectedly pleasant surprise.  First, I’ll outline my misgivings, and then I’ll explain why I love this new version. 

TV Gord Reviews About A Boy

TVGordGlobal, NBC

About A Boy has a pretty impressive pedigree for a half-hour comedy that’s just starting out.  First, it’s loosely based on Nick Hornby’s best-selling novel and the 2002 Hugh Grant film, which was nominated for Golden Globes, BAFTAs and an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.  Second, it is tied to another NBC show (not exactly a hit, but a critical … Read More

TV Gord Reviews The Millers

TVGordCBS, Global

There’s a perception being bandied about in the entertainment news stories about this new Will Arnett sitcom that he hasn’t had a successful series because he typically plays smarmy characters (Gob Bluth in Arrested Development, the husband on Up All Night, even his recurring role on 30 Rock).  Regardless of whether that’s true, there is a concerted effort on this … Read More

TV Gord Reviews Super Fun Night

TVGordABC, Citytv

Rebel Wilson is funny.  She has shown that in the movie Bridesmaids and on various talk show and awards show appearances.  I went into the pilot of her new series, Super Fun Night, rooting for her and for the show.  Unfortunately, the show itself just doesn’t live up to the reputation Wilson has built for herself. 

TV Gord Reviews Betrayal

TVGordABC, Citytv

Betrayal is a good companion show for ABC’s Revenge, which precedes it, because they both tackle their titles in a few different ways.  Betrayal—at first glance—is about two people who are married to others, but who are drawn to each other by an undeniable attraction.  It’s a dicey topic to handle, especially since neither of the married couples are particularly … Read More

TV Gord Reviews Lucky 7

TVGordABC, Citytv

Now, here’s an example of a show that I expected not to like that turned out to be a pleasant surprise.  The premise of a show about a group of co-workers who win the lottery sounds boring and predictable.  While there are some predictable situations, there’s a freshness to the story that took me by surprise.  By the end of … Read More