Rebel Without a Kitchen Sold in 55 Territories

RandiBlue Ant Media

Blue Ant International announces factual entertainment series Rebel Without A Kitchen (26’ x 30’ HD) has been sold globally in 55 territories.  The series has been acquired by Cooking Channel in the U.S, Asian Food Channel (AFC) in South East Asia and TV4 in Sweden.  Rebel Without A Kitchen is produced by General Purpose Entertainment, and currently airs on Blue Ant Media’s Canadian lifestyle channels Cottage Life and T+E.

Rebel Without A Kitchen is the perfect blend of culinary adventures, entertaining personalities and travel content,” says Solange AttwoodSenior Vice President,InternationalBlue Ant Media. “The interest in this fantastic lifestyle series is a testament to our on going strategy to develop and distribute content that deeply resonates with global audiences.”

Rebel Without A Kitchen is a raucous culinary journey like no other. With a boisterous “ole´!” take a trip in the heart of summer, guided by the tenacious Matt Basile, a.k.a. Fidel Gastro. From underground food markets and museums to overnight bush parties, Matt takes his roving food truck on the road, popping up in the most unlikely spots to deliver his culinary take on the Cuban sandwich.