Reporters Without Borders calls on US to guarantee that the media can work freely and safely

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Reporters Without Borders today warned US authorities not to obstruct the media in its reporting of the expected imminent war in Iraq. It expressed concern that the US military might censor journalists officially allowed to work among US forces and that those who opted to work independently would not be protected. It also called on US forces not to destroy … Read More

New TV show looking for Canadian men to bare their souls…and a whole lot more!

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Strip Search, a new television series slated to air on Bravo! NewStyleArtsChannel in September 2003, today announced its search for ordinary Canadian men interested in joining an all-male, bare-it-almost-all dance troupe. The cameras will be rolling as men, age 21and older, vie for a chance to join the group. Strip Search is looking for candidates – who require only enthusiasm … Read More