ichannel launches new series for bloggers, tweebs and political junkies


Have you ever watched a politician being interviewed on TV and flipped the channel because no one asked what you’re dying to know?

No more.

You ask. We listen. They Answer.

This Fall #FAQMP – Frequently Asked Questions for your Member of Parliament – puts you in control of our new show.

#FAQMP, is a half-hour political affairs that begins with you visiting our website and voting for the MP you want to see interviewed. Then send us your questions – email them, tweet them or ask them directly by uploading a video to our website and you could appear in the show.

Throughout the season we’ll interview the most popular MPs, using the questions you’ve sent. Nowhere else on television or online can you get this close to the people in power, getting the inside stories and the information you want to know.

The show will air Mondays at 8 pm, starting October 24, 2011 on ichannel. The show will also be simulcast online, where you can join Host Karyn Pugliese and the #FAQMP team – Associate Producer Patrick Hickey, Director Pamela Ward for a live chat with each new broadcast!

Follow us on Twitter: @FAQMP