Fall 2002 Highlights: CHUM Specialty Channels & Local Stations

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Fall highlights for local channels The New VR/RO/PL/MX/VI/WI, City-TV Toronto, CKVU and specialty channels Bravo! and Space.

CHUM Television has acquired an impressive lineup of
programming for 2002/2003. The fall season is highlighted by

outstanding new drama and sci-fi/fantasy series, the return of viewer favourites
Sex and the City, Enterprise and The Bachelor II, new Canadian and U.S.
theatricals, in addition to CHUM’s distinctive in-house productions.

    Exciting new acquisitions include: hour-long dramas Monk, RHD/LA,
John Doe and Meds; sci-fi and fantasy series Smallville, Birds of Prey, Twilight
Zone, Haunted and That Was Then; JKX: The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, a new
reality/comedy series; The John Walsh Show, a talk show hosted by justice
crusader John Walsh (host of America’s Most Wanted which CHUM has also

renewed); and the new half-hour version of the Emmy Award winning Who Wants to
be a Millionaire hosted by The View’s Meredith Viera. In addition, Law and
Order, television’s longest-running current drama series, will air from the very
beginning of the series to the recent NBC run of season 12. (*)See below for
channel listings.

    Returning to CHUM are proven hits Sex and the City and
Enterprise; the reality series The Bachelor II; viewer favourites Buffy the
Vampire Slayer and Angel; and Canadian space-based action/adventure drama
Starhunter.     Long established as a primary development
funder and market-maker for domestic productions, CHUM is actively involved in
funding feature films, documentaries, dramatic programs, science-fiction series
and performing arts specials. Upcoming Canadian theatricals include: Better Than
Chocolate (1999), Top of the Food Chain (1999) and Highway Man (1999) starring
Lou Gosset Jr. and Jason Priestly.

    Upcoming U.S. theatricals include: Erin Brockovich (2000),
Fight Club (1999), Girl Interrupted (1999), The Insider (1999), The Talented Mr.
Ripley (1999) and Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999).

    "We are delighted with the lineup of innovative and exciting
programming that will be coming to CHUM Television this fall. With the launch of
our new stations in Victoria and Vancouver, our proven strength in Southern
Ontario, and our successful specialty brands, CHUM stations have become key
destinations for viewers across the country," said Jay Switzer, President of

CHUM Television.

    CHUM-branded programs such as FT-FashionTelevision,
MediaTelevision, SexTV, Live at the Rehearsal Hall, TheNewMusic and MuchOnDemand,
represent just some of the weekly in-house programming on CHUM’s 2002/2003 fall

    In-house series and specials, employing our unique visual
style, cover a wide range of topics including: Music, Fashion, Media, Cinema,
The Arts, Sex and Sexuality, New Media and beyond.



Smallville (Citytv Toronto/Vancouver, SPACE)

    The breakout hit Smallville returns for a second season.
Young Clark Kent deals with all the challenges, hopes and desires of any other
teenager; however his growing pains are amplified by the burden of his emerging
superpowers. Starring Tom Welling as Clark Kent and British Columbia native
Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang.

JKX: The Jamie Kennedy Experiment (Citytv Toronto)

    Every week, host Jamie Kennedy experiments on his live
audience and the world-at-large with on-the-street sneak attacks, pranks and
practical jokes. A hilarious reality/comedy series that incorporates hidden
cameras, multiple characters and celebrities.

The John Walsh Show (Citytv Toronto/Vancouver)

    John Walsh, the popular host of America’s Most Wanted,
invades daytime  television with hard-hitting analysis that informs,
challenges and entertains. John’s endless quest for justice as a victims’ rights
and missing children’s advocate has made him one of America’s most trusted

Monk (The New VR, The New RO, The New PL, The New NX, The New WI, The New VI)

    Tony Shalhoub (Wings) stars as Adrian Monk, a gifted
detective whose career is jeopardized by his overwhelming fear of germs, crowds,
small places and almost everything else. Triggered by the murder of his beloved
wife – the only unsolved case of his career – Monk’s disorder forces him to take
a leave of absence from the police department. When the police find themselves
unable to crack a high-profile case, they have no choice but to bring back the
only man for the job – phobias and all. This next-generation Columbo also stars
Bitty Schram and Ted Levine.

RHD/LA (The New VR, The New RO, The New PL, The New NX, The New WI, The New

    Best known for his high-profile movies (Heat, The Insider,
Ali) Michael Mann returns to his television roots (Miami Vice) with RHD/LA aka
Robbery and Homicide Division of Los Angeles. Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan)
stars as Detective Sam Coleman in this high-octane drama that brings to life the
gritty streets of Los Angeles.

John Doe (The New VR, The New RO, The New PL, The New NX, The New WI, The New

    Genius. Crime-fighter. Mystery man. From the creators of ER
comes John Doe, a man who rises from the waters off an isolated island,
possessing knowledge of literally everything in the world – except who he is.
Starring Dominic Purcell, Azura Skye, Elizabeth Lackey and John Marshall Jones.

Birds of Prey (The New VR, The New RO, The New PL, The New NX, The New WI,
The New VI, SPACE)

    The creators of the smash-hit Smallville bring another DC
Comics saga to vivid, mind-warping reality. Batman has abandoned New Gotham
City, leaving the high-tech crime fighting to a trio of heroines – Barbara
Gordon (aka Batgirl), daughter of Commissioner Gordon; Helena the Huntress,
daughter of Batman and Catwoman; and the metahuman Dinah. Sherilynn Fenn guest
stars in the pilot as Harley Quinn, the Joker’s consort. Starring Dina Meyer,
Ashley Scott and Canada’s own Rachel Skarsten.

Meds (The New VR, The New RO, The New PL, The New NX, The New WI, The New VI)

    A civilian M(*)A(*)S(*)H for the new millennium from Marc
Platt, the creative mind behind The Silence of the Lambs and Little Man Tate.
"Medicine could be a lucrative business if it weren’t for all those sick
people." So goes the motto of the mega-sized, mega-frugal healthcare
organization that runs Mission General Hospital in San Francisco, where two
renegade doctors bend the rules in a constant quest to treat their patients.
This provocative new one-hour ensemble series features Canadian Robert Joy,
Jacqueline McKenzie, William Fichtner, John Hannah, Michaela Conlin, Aunjanue
Ellis, Jane Lynch and Edward Herrmann.

Haunted (The New VR, The New RO, The New PL, The New NX, The New WI, The New

    Former Party of Five hunk Matthew Fox plays an ex-cop turned
private eye who investigates crime with the help from residents of the
afterlife. This supernatural one-hour thriller has already sparked some street
noise by media insiders and is pegged to be a strong contender for the hottest
new cult classic on television this fall. Haunted also features Joelle Carter,
Russell Hornsby (Gideon’s Crossing) and Robert Knepper.

That Was Then (The New VR, The New RO, The New PL, The New NX, The New WI, The
New VI)

    What if you could change the one moment in your life that
decided your destiny? Travis Glass is turning 30 and his life couldn’t be worse.
He lives with his parents, works as a door-to-door salesman, and has lost the
love of his life to his brother. His descent into loser-dom dates back to one
humiliating week in high school – the week he wishes he had the chance to do
over again. When he wakes up as a 16-year-old, he gets his chance. Starring two
Canadians James Bulliard and Tyler Labine, along with Bess Armstrong, Kiele
Sanchez, Brad Raider, Rhonda Dent and Jeffrey Tambor (Larry Sanders Show).

Twilight Zone (The New VR, The New RO, The New PL, The New NX, The New WI,
The New VI, SPACE)

    Pen Densham (The Outer Limits) and Jonathan Frakes (Star
Trek: The Next Generation) have produced a fresh, modern version of the classic
anthology series. Host Forest Whitaker (Panic Room, Bird, Ghost Dog) leads
viewers through mysterious, uncharted territory on a journey into the deepest
recesses of the human psyche. Prepare to sleep with the lights on.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (The New VR, The New RO, The New PL, The New
NX, The New WI, The New VI)

    A new, first-run, half-hour version of the Emmy Award-winning
game show phenomenon. Hosted by The View’s Meredith Viera, this half-hour uses a
similar format and is taped before a New York studio audience. Ten finalists
compete to win a chance in the Hot Seat, where they navigate multiple-choice
questions of increasing difficulty toward the ultimate $1 million prize.

Law and Order (Bravo!)

    Filmed entirely on location in New York City, this realistic
program uses the dual perspective of the NYC detectives that investigate crime,
and the district attorneys that prosecute criminals. Law and Order was the 1997
Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Drama Series and is the record holder for the
most consecutive (10) nominations in that category. Law and Order will air from
the very beginning of the series to the recent NBC run of season 12.



Sex and the City – Season 5 (Bravo!)

Enterprise – Season 2 (Citytv Toronto/Vancouver, SPACE)

The Bachelor II (Citytv Toronto/Vancouver)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Season 7 (The New VR, The New RO, The New PL, The New
NX, The New WI, The New VI)

Angel – Season 4 (SPACE, The New VR, The New RO, The New PL, The New NX, The New
WI, The New VI)

Starhunter – Season 2 (SPACE, The New VR, The New RO, The New PL, The New NX,
The New WI)