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The Pet Network

Canada’s The Pet Network presents the controversial BBC documentary PEDIGREE DOGS EXPOSED

It is, in the words of filmmaker Jemima Harrison, “the greatest animal welfare scandal of our time.” Two years in the making, the controversial 2008 BBC documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed reveals that purebred dogs in the UK suffer from alarmingly high levels of disability, deformity and disease – and human beings are to blame. ...

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The Pet Network launches today on Shaw

The Pet Network, the world’s only television network devoted to the world of pets, has secured a distribution agreement with Shaw Communications that will make the channel available for the first time to viewers throughout Western Canada. ...

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The man who loves pit bulls: hit series Pit Boss makes exclusive Canadian premiere on The Pet Network

Shorty Rossi was given a second chance in life. Now he’s trying to do the same for some good friends. As head of Shorty’s Rescue in Los Angeles, the ex-con turned entertainment guru is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and training the most misunderstood of canine breeds: the pit bull. ...

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