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One: Bodym Mind, Spirit

Deion Sanders tackles sports-obsessed parents in new reality series

Sports Dads, takes a look at the stress filled lives of kids being groomed for sports stardom – whether they want it or not. The emotional and physical pressures placed on 11-14 year old athletes from their sports-obsessed parents is a very real and problematic trend. These are talented kids who have spent the better part of their childhood training to become mega-athletes. The child athlete culture has par ...

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Empty Nesters with host Laura Lewis on The Brand New ONE

Empty Nesters are people entering a new place in their lives when children are growing and careers are matured. It truly is a time when a parent finds themselves in a situation where their child is gaining independence and they may not be as “needed” like they used to be. As the “Empty Nester” syndrome begins to impact you and your life, you’ll experience a wide range of feelings. The trick is to learn how ...

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