Father of the Bride Double Bill This Father’s Day on Movietime

Daddy’s little girl has to grow up one day. Prepare yourself for the big day this weekend by watching the Father of the Bride Double Bill starring Steve Martin on MovieTime. It all starts when George Banks (Steve Martin), whose happily married existence hits a bump when he greets his daughter Annie (Kimberly Williams), home from a semester studying in …

Movietime Launches In High Definition

Canwest Broadcasting proudly announces the launch of MovieTime HD on Friday, March 12, 2010. Beginning tomorrow, MovieTime HD will be included as part of the Rogers Digital Cable VIP offering for customers with an HD box on channel 562. This launch continues to reinforce Canwest as a leader in HD programming with History Television, Showcase, National Geographic Channel and four …

IT’S MOVIETIME! New Channel Launches Today!

With blockbuster movies seven days a week, MovieTime launches today and is primed to become the ultimate digital destination for Canadians who love movies. MovieTime provides viewers with unparalleled access to more than 250 contemporary hit movies a month, and back-to-back movies on the weekend, showcasing popular titles that celebrate the adventure essential to every great movie plot.

Canwest launches newly branded channel in October; replaces Lonestar

The newly branded digital specialty service, announced today by Canwest Broadcasting, will provide unparalleled access to more than 250 movies a month showcasing popular titles that celebrate the adventure essential to every great movie plot. It will kick off October 6, 2008, replacing Lonestar.

Lonestar adds more movies from the 50’s this fall

Weekends on LONESTAR are filled with the greatest action epics from the 1950s through to today. New MOVIES coming to LONESTAR this fall include THE ALAMO, FISTFUL OF DOLLARS, THE GOOD, BAD, AND THE UGLY, THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY, HEAVEN’S GATE and 25 more favourites.

Gunsmoke Turns Golden on Lonestar

Gunsmoke one of the most popular westerns to ever appear o­n television premiered 50 years ago o­n September 10, 1955. The debut episode starred the legendary John Wayne beginning a love affair with audiences that lasted 20 years.

Lonestar unveils fall 2005 programming highlights

Lonestar has a new hired gun this fall. Chuck Connors is Lucas McCain in The Rifleman. With a gun designed for speed McCain out draws, out shoots and out smarts the old west’s most dangerous outlaws.