ESPN Classic Celebrates 10 Years, Beginning with September 7 Anniversary Special

Happy anniversary! ESPN Classic celebrates 10 years on the air by showcasing some of the most memorable moments in sports from the last decade. Host Vic Rauter relives these vintage sports events from the past 10 years in two days of 10th anniversary programming on Wednesday, Sept. 7 and Thursday, Sept. 8 on ESPN Classic.

ESPN Classic Presents Greatest Sports Comebacks with Revival Weekend

This Easter weekend, ESPN Classic will pay tribute to teams and players who overcame incredible obstacles with 25 hours of the greatest comebacks and changes of fortune in the history of sports. Revival Weekend airs Friday, March 21 to Sunday, March 23 and features classic performances that revived individual careers, franchises and even leagues.

ESPN Classic Program Alert – Four-Part Series on Unstoppable Athl etes Begins this Weekend

Wayne Gretzky. Michael Jordan. Muhammad Ali. Joe Montana. They were at the top of their game, their drive and passion incomparable, and they inspired true greatness. Simply, they were unstoppable! ESPN Classic honours these – and other – legends with a month-long four-part series entitled Ford Unstoppable Weekends, beginning this weekend (March 24/25) and continuing each weekend through April 14/15 …

ESPN Classic Canada unveils fall programming highlights

Take a walk down memory lane with ESPN Classic, Canada’s only 24-hour sports network exclusively dedicated to revisiting the most memorable moments in sports history. From Wayne Gretzky’s first NHL goal to Joe Montana’s final touchdown pass, ESPN Classic takes fans back in time to relive the greatest triumphs, comebacks, upsets and achievements from across the sports spectrum.