CosmoTV’s March Highlights

This March, Cosmopolitan TV is full of gorgeous men with the premiere of Season 4 of The Bachelorette. March also brings movie premieres including Inventing the Abbotts starring Jennifer Connelly, Liv Tyler, Billy Crudup and Joaquin Phoenix.

Cosmo TV’s Crowns Canada’s Hosstest Hunk

After a nation-wide search, steamy submissions and countless online votes, the winner of CosmoTV’s Bachelor Search will finally be announced on a special episode of Oh So Cosmo. The heartthrob who receives the most votes will be named the top Canadian Cosmo Bachelor and will co-host an episode of Oh So Cosmo with Josie Dye on Wednesday, December 2 at …

CosmoTV’s October Programming Highlights

This October, CosmoTV is full of fashion, fun and fright. Spend Thanksgiving afternoon in style with the fashionable Rachel Zoe for a marathon of Season 1 of The Rachel Zoe Project leading up to the premiere of the brand new second season. Plus, viewers can enjoy the School is Hell movie marathon on Halloween with the premiere of The Craft …

Cosmo TV’s Spetember Programming Highlights

CosmoTV is the go-to destination this September for all things sexy and stylish including new seasons of Oh So Cosmo, the return of CosmoTV’s Bachelor Search and the premiere of Lipstick Jungle. Viewers won’t want to miss the Style 101 marathon on Labour Day where fashionistas can stock up on trendy tips with The Clothes Show and Gok’s Fashion Fix. …

August Programming Highlights on CosmoTV

CosmoTV is chock-full of movies and marathons this month with back-to-back episodes of fashion favourites including The Fashion Show and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, as well as the premiere of Elizabethtown starring Orlando Bloom (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Kirsten Dunst (Marie Antoinette).

CosmoTV’s July Programming Highlights

CosmoTV is the go-to destination for all things beauty this July with the premiere of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (UK), the return of Model Mondays and a Vanity Lair marathon. Also this month, great movies continue on CosmoM with premieres including Can’t Hardly Wait, Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and Little Black Book.

CosmoTV’s June Programming Highlights

This June, viewers can tune in to CosmoTV to catch all-new episodes of The Fashion Show, the fierce fashion design competition series hosted by Isaac Mizrahi that premiered in May; shake their groove things with a dance-themed 10-hour programming marathon and grab the popcorn for great movies on CosmoM.

CosmoTV Premieres THE FASHION SHOW On Monday, May 11

CosmoTV is set to air the exclusive Canadian presentation of The Fashion Show, a new fashion design competition series produced by U.S. cable net Bravo, and hosted by Isaac Mizrahi. Premiering on CosmoTV on Monday, May 11 at 8 p.m. ET, 15 professional designers will compete for a chance to win a $125,000 prize and have their designs sold in …

This May, CosmoTV Shows regular Gals How To Become Royalty

CosmoTV is showing regular gals what it takes to become royalty with a six-hour marathon of American Princess. Hosted by Mark Duerden-Smith, this series puts 20 American girls through various princess-in-training lessons, including deportment, dining etiquette and media training. They then compete in a variety of challenges and are judged by a rigorous panel of experts, including etiquette and grooming …