More Details About BBC Kids Fall 2008 Programming

In early june, Canwest revealed information about fall programming of its specialty channels. Today, we give more details about the new and returning programming as well as premiere dates (when available).

BBC Kids unveils 2005-2006 programming highlights

New and returning series include • 2gether 3 Non Blondes, 90 Days in Hollywood, Celeb, Girls in Love, Little Britain, My Parents Are Aliens, Postman Pat, Rooms that Rock, Serious Desert, Serious Jungle, The Call, Theodore Tugboat, Top of the Pops and What Not 2 Wear.

Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting Announces Carriage Agreement with Bell ExpressVu for BBC Kids

Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting today announced that it has reached an agreement with Bell ExpressVu for carriage of BBC Kids. Launched by Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting in November 2001, BBC Kids will be added to Bell ExpressVu’s Fun Zone viewing package by January 20, 2003. Bell ExpressVu’s 1.2 million customers will also enjoy a three-month free view of the channel beginning in …