NBC Reshapes History with Two-Part “Timeless” Series Finale

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Hey Clockblockers, your mission is complete! NBC and Sony Pictures Television are collaborating on a two-part “Timeless” finale to air during the holidays, giving closure to the globetrotting series that has generated incredible viewer passion. According to executive producers Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke, audiences can expect the “Timeless” they know and love. A focus on the unsung and underrepresented … Read More

Street Smart Police Drama “Shades Of Blue” Set to Premiere Sunday June 17 at 10PM

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The critically acclaimed drama will conclude after three seasons as the story line brings Lopez’s complex character to a fitting resolution. Her NBC relationship continues in June with the return of the second season of the explosive hit competition series “World of Dance” amid a busy slate of film and television projects and her residency in Las Vegas. “I have … Read More

NBC Unveils its 2015-2016 Primetime Schedule


As it closes in on its second consecutive season-long victory in the key adult 18-49 demographic, NBC unveils a new 2015-16 primetime schedule that combines popular returning series, edge-of-your-seat new dramas, inventive new comedies and season nine of the Emmy Award-winning musical competition series “The Voice.”

TV Gord Reviews A to Z

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In these jaded times, there’s something refreshing about watching a romantic comedy that intends to follow a relationship from its very beginning through all of its ups and downs…from A to Z.  It helps to have to engaging, familiar faces in the roles of Andrew and Zelda.  It’s also enjoyable to hear Katey Sagal (Sons of Anarchy) narrating their tale.  Even if … Read More

TV Gord Reviews The Odd Couple


I had low expectations for this revival of The Odd Couple, and as I sat down to watch the pilot, I was in for an unexpectedly pleasant surprise.  First, I’ll outline my misgivings, and then I’ll explain why I love this new version. 

TV Gord Reviews About A Boy

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About A Boy has a pretty impressive pedigree for a half-hour comedy that’s just starting out.  First, it’s loosely based on Nick Hornby’s best-selling novel and the 2002 Hugh Grant film, which was nominated for Golden Globes, BAFTAs and an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.  Second, it is tied to another NBC show (not exactly a hit, but a critical … Read More

TV Gord Reviews Crisis


Network television has been trying for years to develop the next big dramatic series with an overarching season-long concept (with the hope, of course, that it will last longer).  While they have stuck with a few (including Lost and Revolution), most have driven audiences away, either by taking too long to answer questions or by being too complicated to holder … Read More

TV Gord Reviews Sean Saves The World

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Sean Hayes is back!  One of the stars of Will and Grace is now the lead actor in a sitcom of his very own.  Fans of his character of Jack McFarland will almost certainly want to check out this new incarnation, where he plays Sean, a single father who—again—happens to be gay.  It’s explained in the pilot that Sean tried … Read More