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SIRIUS Canada Kicks Off Satellite Radio Service in Canada with Concerts in Toronto and Montreal

SIRIUS Canada announced that it will be hosting two live concerts in Toronto and Montreal to celebrate the launch of its satellite radio service in Canada. The SIRIUS Live concerts, on December 6th in Toronto, and December 7th in Montreal will be simulcast live throughout North America and feature well known and emerging Canadian artists. ...

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SIRIUS Canada Unveils 100 Channel Premium Satellite Radio Service

SIRIUS Canada today announced its leading channel line-up for its subscription satellite radio service in Canada. With a full 100 channels of the best music, news, sports, and entertainment available, SIRIUS Canada will provide the most comprehensive satellite radio service in the country. SIRIUS will also be the only satellite radio provider to include 10 Canadian music and information stations in both Eng ...

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Quebecor Media calls on CRTC about unfair competition by BCE

In a letter sent today to Mr. Charles Dalfen, Chairman of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), Mr. Pierre Karl P√©ladeau, President and Chief Executive Officer of Quebecor Media, alleges that BCE is practicing ‚Äúa blatant form of cross-subsidization‚ÄĚ by allowing Bell ExpressVu to use substantial cash flow generated by a regulated enterprise, Bell Canada, to buy market share ...

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