FOX News on Shaw Cable

Talking about an idiotic decision:Shaw Cable introduced its subscribers to FOX News a while ago, to much fanfare. Now, however, channel 142 is dead. No more FOX News. Shaw Cable explained to me that they had removed it, because they were not quite sure how to package and market it. Come again?

Media should share blame for Expos demise

We’ve all been led to believe that the Expos have played their last game at Olympic Stadium. Montreal baseball fans came out in droves, to say their final goodbyes. While most have put their bitterness aside and avoided the temptation to choose a scapegoat, it is clear that the local media won’t be thanked any time soon. They have done …

Olympics on CNBC: Why not in Canada?

In every Olympic game since 2000, CNBC has gotten the rights to air the Olympics on their network as part of NBC Universal’s Olympic coverage, which they have gotten the rights to through 2012. CNBC is straight from the US, not altered into a Canadian format, unlike MSNBC and Bravo!, which are both also owned by NBC Universal in the …

What’s up with TV Guide? – An analysis and commentary

When TV Guide changed its format, they decided to drop all diginets from their program listings and grids. Before they would include the diginets in their grids, but now coverage of the diginets has disappeared completely – except for a small section that gives you two or three program tips (thanks for nothing!).

Just who is the CRTC protecting?

Opinion by Steve Hatton (TV Hat) Canadian broadcasters everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief. The CRTC said no, on November 7th, to a request from the Canadian Cable Television Association (CCTA) to carry some of the most popular U.S. cable networks such as HBO, ESPN, Fox News Channel, Fox Regional Sports Net Channels, Starz, Nickelodeon Kids… the list goes …