TV GORD’S WHAT’S ON for the week of September 24th to 30th, 2017

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The new fall TV network season has arrived! Time to cancel all non-TV-related plans. Happy viewing!



60 Minutes – 7 to 8pm on CBS/CHCH – 50th Season Premiere

The king of all American newsmagazines premiered on this date in 1968. Tonight, new Special Correspondent Oprah Winfrey makes her first appearance.

Heartland – 7 to 8pm on CBC – 11th Season Premiere

Star Trek: Discovery – 8:30 to 9:35 on CTV/8:30 to 10:30 on Space (two episodes) – Series Premiere

Set about a decade before the original Star Trek mission led by Captain Kirk, this series focuses on the crew of the starship Discovery. The first episode gets a tryout airing on CTV, but the first two episodes can be seen on Space, where the entire series will call home in Canada.

Who Shot Biggie and Tupac? – 8 to 10pm on Fox

Ice-T and Soledad O’Brien host this newsmagazine special that looks into the murders of two of hip-hop’s legendary stars.

The Nature of Things – 8 to 9pm on CBC – 58th Season Premiere


Murdoch Mysteries – 8 to 9:01pm on CBC – 11th Season Premiere

The Big Bang Theory – 8 to 8:30pm on CBS/CTV – 11th Season Premiere

Young Sheldon – 8:30 to 9pm on CBS/CTV – Series Premiere

Young Iain Armitage stars as Young Sheldon Cooper, who would probably have a problem with the notion that there was anything before The Big Bang Theory. A fish out of water in his own Texas hometown, Sheldon endures (barely) the fascination with church and football by his family and (what humans call) friends.

Kevin Can Wait – 8:30 to 9pm on Global/9 to 9:30 on CBS – Second Season Premiere

Leah Remini joins the cast on a regular basis, playing the character she played in the final two episodes of season one. Consequently, Kevin’s TV wife has become superfluous and his been fired (and—on the show—killed off).

The Voice – 8 to 10pm on NBC/CTV Two – 13th Season Premiere

Alias Grace – 9:01 to 10pm on CBC – Miniseries Premiere

With the success of The Handmaid’s Tale series, another Margaret Atwood book comes to television. Adapted by Sarah Polly (The Road to Avonlea), it tells the story of an Irish immigrant who is convicted of the murders of his employer and his housekeeper, but has no memory of commitment the acts.

Me, Myself & I – 9:30 to 10pm on CBS/CTV– Series Premiere

John Larroquette, Bobby Moynihan and Jack Dylan Grazer all star as Alex Riley, at the respective ages of 65, 40 and 14, in this comedy that explores how the past informs the future.

Scorpion – 10 to 11pm on CBS/City – 4th Season Premiere

NCIS: New Orleans – 9 to 10:01pm on Global/Tuesday at 10pm on CBS – 4th Season Premiere

The Brave – 10:01 to 11pm on CBS/Global – Series Premiere

Anne Heche and Mitch Vogel (Under The Dome) star in this military drama that fights crime from the surveillance and analysis standpoint and from a boots-on-the-ground angle through a Special Ops force.

The Good Doctor – 10:01 to 11pm on ABC/CTV – Series Premiere

Freddie Highmore (Bates Motel) stars as Dr. Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon (again, with the knife!0 with autism who relocates from a quiet country home to the big city and a San Jose hospital’s surgical team.

The Opposition with Jordan Klepper – 11:30pm to midnight on Comedy – Series Premiere

This companion series to The Daily Show places one of its correspondents into the role of a right-wing conservative broadcaster. Totally not a ripoff of The Colbert Report.

Halloween Baking Championship – 9 to 10pm on The Food Channel – 3rd Season Premiere


The Little Couple: Big Updates – 7 to 9pm on TLC – 3rd Season Premiere

Rick Mercer Report – 8 to 8:30pm on CBC – 15th Season Premiere

22 Minutes – 8:30 to 9pm on CBC – 25th Season Premiere

NCIS – 8 to 9pm on CBS/Global – 15th Season Premiere

Lethal Weapon – 8 to 9pm on Fox/City – 2nd Season Premiere

Kim’s Convenience – 9 to 9:30 on CBC – 2nd Season Premiere

Mr. D. – 9:30 to 10pm on CBC – 7th Season Premiere

Bull – 9 to 10pm on CBS/Global – 2nd Season Premiere

The Mick – 9 to 9:30pm on Fox/City – 2nd Season Premiere

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – 9:30 to 10pm on Fox/City – 5th Season Premiere

This Is Us – 9 to 10:01pm on NBC/CTV – 2nd Season Premiere

Three Days to Live – 9 to 10pm on Slice – Series Premiere

This reality/reenactment series deals with real-life kidnappings and how victims survived (if they did).

Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders – 10:01 to 11pm on NBC/Global – Series Premiere

Edie Falco stars as famed attorney Leslie Abramson, who defended brothers Erik and Lyle Menendez in the murders of their parents in this drama series that will focus on a different famous and infamous case each season (if it survives).

The Jury Speaks – 10 to 11pm on Slice – Series Premiere

This series features actual jurors from sensational/celebrity court cases, starting off with the jurors in the O.J. Simpson murder trial.


The Goldbergs – 8 to 8:30pm on ABC/CTV Two – 5th Season Premiere

Speechless – 8:30 to 9pm on ABC/9:30 to 10pm Friday on City – 2nd Season Premiere

Survivor – 8 to 9pm on CBS/Global – 35th Season Premiere

Empire – 8 to 9:01pm on Fox/CHCH – 4th Season Premiere

The Blacklist – 8 to 9pm on NBC/City – 5th Season Premiere

Modern Family – 9 to 9:31pm on ABC/City – 9th Season Premiere

American Housewife – 9:31 to 10pm on ABC/CTV Two – 2nd Season Premiere

Star – 9:01 to 10pm on Fox – 2nd Season Premiere

SEAL Team – 9 to 10pm on NBC/Global – Series Premiere

David Boreanaz headlines an elite unit of Navy SEALs (aren’t they all elite?) as they wrestle to balance the pressures of their job with the personal lives at home. Max Thieriot (Bates Motel) and Jessica Pare (Mad Men) also star.

Flip or Flop Atlanta – 9 to 10pm (two episodes) on HGTV – Series Premiere

Criminal Minds – 8 to 9pm on CTV/10 to 11pm on CBS – 13th Season Premiere

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit – 9 to 10pm on NBC/CTV – 19th Season Premiere

Designated Survivor – 10 to 11pm on ABC/CTV – 2nd Season Premiere

Chicago PD – 10 to 11pm on NBC/Global – 5th Season Premiere

Face Value – 10 to 11pm (two episodes) on BET – Series Premiere

Deon Cole (blackish; Angie Tribeca) and Tiffany Haddish host this game show where contestants and their celebrity captains have to judge a book by its cover, determining what people interviewed on the street will say in response to questions and situations.

50 Central – 10:30 to 11pm on BET – Series Premiere

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson hosts a variety sketch series, mixing in music, reality, and magic.


Grey’s Anatomy – 8 to 10pm (two episodes) on ABC/CTV – 14th Season Premiere

Dragon’s Den – 8 to 10pm on CBC – 12th Season Premiere

Superstore – 8 to 8:30pm on NBC/Global – 3rd Season Premiere

Will & Grace – 9 to 9:30pm on NBC/Global – Series return

Great News – 9:30 to 10pm on NBC/Global – 2nd Season Premiere

How To Get Away With Murder – 10 to 11pm on ABC/CTV – 4th Season Premiere

Chicago Fire – 10 to 11pm on NBC/Global – 6th Season Premiere

Nathan For You – 10 to 10:30pm on Much – 4th Season Premiere


Marvel’s The Inhumans – 8 to 10pm (two episodes) on ABC/CTV – Series Premiere

Based on the comic series, this series begins as Blackbolt and his royal family escape a coup to Hawaii, but the group is splintered in the confusion.

MacGyver – 8 to 9pm on CBS/Global – 2nd Season Premiere

Hell’s Kitchen – 8 to 9:01pm on Fox/City – 17th Season Premiere

Hawaii Five-0 – 9 to 10pm on CBS/Global – 8th Season Premiere

The Exorcist – 9:01 to 10pm on Fox/CTV Two – 2nd Season Premiere

Dateline NBC – 9 to 11pm on NBC – 26th Season Premiere

Blue Bloods – 10 to 11pm on CBS/CTV – 8th Season Premiere

Z Nation – 10 to 11pm on Space – 4th Season Premiere


48 Hours – 10 to 11pm on CBS/CHCH – 30th Season Premiere

Animal ER – 10 to 11pm on NatGeo Wild – 2nd Season Premiere

Saturday Night Live – 11:30pm to 1am/LIVE in your time zone – 43rd Season Premiere

After a tryout last spring, SNL goes live in every American time zone this entire season, in addition to re-airing at its regular time in the western zones.