TV GORD’S WHAT’S ON for the week of October 1st to 7th, 2017

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It’s hard to ignore that three series premiere on Sunday night that revolve around the disappearances and/or murders of children. It’s part of another week of many new and returning shows making their way back into our weekly routines. Happy viewing, I suppose!


The Toy Box – 7 to 8pm on ABC – 2nd Season Premiere

Mighty Planes – 7 to 8pm on Discovery – 4th Season Premiere

Lucifer – 8 to 9pm on CTV/Monday at 8 to 9pm on Fox – 3rd Season Premiere

Wisdom of the Crowd – 8 to 9pm on Global/8:30 to 9:30pm on CBS (Time approximate after football) – Series Premiere

Jeremy Piven stars as high-tech entrepreneur Jeffrey Tanner, who uses his know-how to solve the murder of his daughter, revolutionizing crime-solving techniques used by police.

Shark Tank – 8 to 10pm on ABC – 9th Season Premiere

(Returns to its regular time slot this Friday.)

Bob’s Burgers – 7:30 to 8pm on Fox/City – 8th Season Premiere

The Simpsons – 7:30 to 8pm on Global/8 to 8:30pm on Fox – 29th Season Premiere

Ghosted – 8:30 to 9pm on Fox/City – Series Premiere

What if The X-Files were a comedy? That’s the basic idea behind this series that stars Adam Scott and Craig Robinson as two unlikely investigators into the paranormal.

Family Guy – 9 to 9:30pm – 16th Season Premiere

The Last Man On Earth – 9:30 to 10pm – 4th Season Premiere

The Disappearance – 9 to 10pm on CTV – Miniseries Premiere

Peter Coyote headlines a tense drama that deals with the aftermath of a ten-year-old boy’s disappearance, and what it does to a family, as many secrets are revealed.

NCIS: Los Angeles – 9 to 10pm on Global/9:30 to 10:30pm on CBS (Time approximate after football) – 9th Season Premiere

Poldark – 9 to 10pm on PBS – 3rd Season Premiere

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown – 9 to 10pm on CNN – 10th Season Premiere

Halloween Wars – 9 to 10pm on The Food Network – 7th Season Premiere

Keeping Up With The Kardashians – 9 to 10pm on E! – 14th Season Premiere

Ten Days in the Valley – 10 to 11pm on ABC/CTV – Series Premiere

Kyra Sedgwick stars as a harried TV producer whose life is turned upside down when her young daughter disappears, revealing the surprising number of people in her life who have something to hide.

This Is Life with Lisa Ling – 10 to 11pm on CNN – 4th Season Premiere


9JKL – 8:31 to 9:01pm on CBS/Global – Series Premiere

Mark Feuerstein stars in this sitcom (based partially on his life) as an out of work actor who moves back to New York into an apartment between his meddling parents (Linda Lavin and Eliott Gould) and his brother (David Walton), sister-in-law and their baby.

The Gifted – 9 to 10:01pm on Fox/CTV – Series Premiere

This new Marvel series is not connected to any of the ABC Marvel shows, but is connected to the X-Men universe. Stephen Moyer (True Blood) and Amy Acker (Person of Interest) star as the parents of a family of mutants, who find themselves on the run after their powers are discovered. Look for a Stan Lee cameo in the first episode.


Finding Your Roots – 8 to 9pm on PBS – 4th Season Premiere

This episode features the family histories of politician Bernie Sanders and the man who played him on SNL, Larry David. It may come as no surprise that their family trees actually merge at one point. (As is happening with increasing frequency, truth is stranger than fiction.)

The Middle – 8 to 8:30pm on ABC/Friday at 9 to 9:31pm on City – 9th and Final Season Premiere

Fresh Off The Boat – 8:30 to 9pm on ABC/CHCH – 4th Season Premiere

blackish – 9 to 9:30pm on ABC/Wednesday at 9:31 to 1opm on City – 4th Season Premiere

The Mayor – 9:30 to 10pm on ABC/Saturday at 8:30 to 9pm on CTV – Series Premiere

Brandon Michael Hall stars with Lea Michele (Glee) and Yvette Nichole Brown (Community) in this comedy about a rapper who runs for mayor as a publicity stunt…and wins! (A year ago, this premise would have likely been rejected as too unrealistic.)

Kevin (Probably) Save The World – 10 to 11pm on ABC/CTV – Series Premiere

Jason Ritter stars in this comedy-drama as a down-and-out man who is contacted by God to save the world. JoAnna Garcia Swisher (Reba) also stars.


Frontline – 10 to 11pm on PBS – 36th Season Premiere

The Real Housewives of New Jersey – 9 to 10:15pm on Slice – 8th Season Premiere


Scandal – 9 to 10pm on ABC – 7th and Final Season Premiere

The Loch – 9 to 10pm on CBC – Miniseries Premiere

Laura Fraser (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul) stars in this six-part British crime drama as Detective Annie Redford, whose investigation into the murder of a local music teacher opens a can of worms.


Once Upon A Time – 8 to 9pm on ABC/CTV Two – 7th Season Premiere

Don’t Be Tardy… – 9 to 10pm (two episodes) on Slice – 6th Season Premiere


The Wonder List with Bill Weir – 9 to 10pm on CNN – Series Premiere

Reporter Bill Weir travels the globe to tell interesting stories that others don’t. The opener finds him in Patagonia, where a conservationist is buying up huge tracts of land to keep developers from building on them.

Austin City Limits – 11pm to midnight – 43rd Season Premiere

Ed Sheeran kicks off the new season.