TV Gord’s WHAT’S ON for the week of November 12th to 18th 2017

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Matt Leblanc’s CBS sitcom returns for a second season (replacing the ostensibly cancelled Me, Myself & I. The creator of The Walking Dead delves into comic book history. An Amazon Video series comes to cable. Happy viewing!


Knock Knock Ghost – 8 to 9pm on Out-TV – 2nd Season Premiere

Elizabeth Smart: Autobiography – 9 to 10:33pm on A&E

This two-part documentary marks the 15th anniversary of the childhood abduction of Elizabeth Smart, with the woman telling her story, with the second part running on Monday. (Produced in conjunction with a fictionalized account of her story on Lifetime on Saturday.)

Holiday Baking Championship – 9 to 10pm on The Food Channel – 4th Season Premiere

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams – 9:05 to 10:10pm on Space – Series Premiere

Originally produced for Amazon Video, this anthology series adapts the author’s short stories, starting off with Bryan Cranston starring in “Human Is”.

The Curse of Oak Island – 10pm to 12am on History – 5th Season Premiere

Unexpected – 10:05 to 11:14pm on TLC – Series Premiere

This reality series examines the various stages of teenage pregnancy, following three girls and their parents as they deal with the changes in their lives.

Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics – 11pm to 12am on AMC – Series Premiere

The creator of The Walking Dead takes an in-depth look at the world of comics, starting off with the early days of Marvel, when Jack Kirby and Stan Lee created some of the most enduring superheroes of our times. (The second episode is on Monday at 10pm in the series’ regular time slot.)


Man With A Plan – 8:30 to 9pm on CBS/Global – 2nd Season Premiere

Ill Behaviour – 10:30 to 11pm on TMN – Series Premiere

This unorthodox comedy thriller follows the journey of a man with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma who decides to rely solely on natural remedies. His friends have other ideas, though, and they kidnap him and treat him with chemotherapy drugs against his will.


The Hunt for the Zodiac Killer – 10 to 11pm on History – Series Premiere

Billed as a mystery documentary—because the serial killer remains unknown—this series follows investigators as they try to decipher the clues to identify the 1960s/70s killer.


Mafia’s Greatest Hits – 10 to 11pm on American Heroes Channel Canada – 2nd Season Premiere