TV Gord’s WHAT’S ON for the week of February 11th to 17th, 2018

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With the winter games in full swing, other channels are predominantly filling their schedules with reruns, but there are some new shows dipping their toes in the icy-cold waters of the Olympic juggernaut, including Stephen Colbert’s cartoon Donald Trump, the beginning of the end for Hugh Laurie’s dramatic thriller, Chance, and a new drama from the mind behind True Blood and Six Feet Under, Alan Ball. Also, 20/20 spends an hour with The Connors, as the ‘90s hit sitcom, Roseanne, is about to be revived. Happy viewing!


The Amazing Race – 9 to 10pm on CTV – 30th Season Premiere

CTV is banking on Canadians not wanting to watch the Olympics, choosing rather to play catch up on a reality show that premiered on CBS a couple of months ago. Solid reasoning.

Our Cartoon President – 8 to 9pm (two episodes) on TMN – Series Premiere

The animated Donald Trump from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert becomes a series, and we’ll see if a funny sketch idea can carry it off through an entire show. The opening episodes follow Trumplestiltskin through his State of the Union speech and on a disaster relief mission.

Here and Now – 9 to 10pm on HBO – Series Premiere

Oscar winners Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter star in this dysfunctional family drama with a supernatural twist that we are all supposed to wink and agree is the worst kept secret in television. Let’s all pretend we are totally shocked when it happens, mmkay?

Homeland – 9 to 10pm on Superchannel – 7th Season Premiere


Chance – 10 to 11pm on Bravo – 2nd and Final Season


The Bachelor Winter Games – 8 to 10pm on ABC – Series Premiere

While the actual winter games in South Korea have been affected by doping scandal, The Bachelor tries to put a spin on that concept by counter-programming with their usual array of just plain dopes.


Flip or Flop Nashville – 9 to 10pm (two episodes) on HGTV – Spinoff Premiere


Post-Radical – 9 to 10pm on Viceland – Series Premiere

This documentary series explores skate culture, ranging from the best female skateboarders in the world to the intersection of skaters and religion. The series will examine the differences and similarities among the various sub-cultures within the skater scene. Pro skater and “amateur anthropologist” Rick McCrank hosts.

Roseanne: The Return – A 20/20 Special – 10 to 11pm on ABC/CHCH

The cast and the creative team behind the newly-revived hit sitcom, Roseanne, takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes look at what’s new, who’s back, and how (or even if) they are going to explain away that disastrous final season.