TV GORD’S WHAT’S ON for the week of April 23rd-29th, 2017

All times eastern

I give the nod to Comedy this week, with the premiere of The President Show and both the real White House Correspondents Dinner AND the comedy version on Saturday night (though it may be hard to tell one from the other). Happy viewing!


Silicon Valley – 10 to 10:30pm on HBO – 4th Season Premiere


Underground – 9 to 10pm on Bravo – 2nd Season Premiere


Great News – 9 to 10pm on NBC (Two episodes) – Series Premiere

Briga Heelan stars in this sitcom as a news producer whose challenging job is made even harder when her mother (Andrea Martin) becomes an intern in the newsroom. Nicole Richie, John Michael Higgins and Horatio Sanz also star.

48 Hours: NCIS – 10 to 11pm on CBS – Series Premiere

CBS combines two of its franchises into a newsmagazine that looks at some of the cases of the real NCIS team. Rocky Carroll, who plays Vance on the dramas, narrates.

Genius – 9 to 10:20pm on National Geographic – Series Premiere

Geoffrey Rush stars in this docudrama as Albert Einstein, looking at his early life and his efforts to be taken seriously in the world of academia. This series has already been renewed for a second season.


The President Show – 11:30 to midnight on Comedy – Series Premiere

Actor and Comedian Anthony Atamanuik is almost unrecognizable when he’s not in his Donald Trump get-up, but when he takes on that persona, his portrayal is pretty funny. He now has his own show as President Trump, and the premise would seem far-fetched, if it were about anyone else. The President decides to bypass the “fake news” by hosting his own weekly show directly from the Oval Office. Peter Grosz is his sidekick, playing—of course—Mike Pence.


NOT The Correspondents’ Dinner – 10 to 11pm on Comedy

This special hour-long edition of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee presents an alternative to the White House Correspondents Dinner, which the U.S. President has decided not to attend this year (which is traditionally on CNN and other news outlets, so check around the dial to see who’s covering it this year).