Teletoon Unveils Fall Programming Highlights

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Fall 2008 on TELETOON brings 11 brand new series to televisions with five new shows premiering during daytime and five top series returning to the schedule with new episodes. Six new programmes come to TELETOON Detour. For more information on new post 9:30 pm adult/teen shows coming this fall please see the TELETOON Detour press release.

Daytime on TELETOON is set to sling new webs, fight new aliens and create new delicious dishes with shows including the gastronomic comedy, Chowder, The Spectacular Spider-Man and the TELETOON Original Production, World of Quest. This fall also sees the premiere of the highest rated original series premiere on Cartoon Network, Ben 10: Alien Force, as part of a two day special Ben10 back to school event on August 30 and September 6. Also part of the Ben 10 event TELETOON broadcasts the Canadian premiere of the live action Ben 10 movie, Ben 10: Race Against Time, a movie that earned Cartoon Network more viewers than any other programme in the channel’s history.

TELETOON fans can catch the new daytime shows before their September premiere as TELETOON gives viewers a special sneak-peek of the new shows on air and on throughout August. Flash Forward, each Saturday and Sunday at 8:30 am ET/PT, sees a preview episode of each new daytime show air on TELETOON while on a selection of the sneak peek episodes will be available for streaming for one week after their Flash Forward air date.

New Shows Premiering on TELETOON

Ben 10: Alien Force (Canadian premiere)
Flash Forward sneak peek: Sunday August 17, 8:30 am ET/PT

TELETOON Premiere: Saturday, September 6, 7 pm ET/PT as part of Ben 10 back to school event.

Regular Time: Sundays 9:30 am ET/PT

Ben 10: Alien Force begins the next chapter for Ben 10, one of the top rated shows on TELETOON, and was the highest rated original series premiere on Cartoon Network. When a now 15-year-old Ben Tennyson chooses to once again put on the OMNITRIX he discovers that it has reconfigured his DNA and can now transform him into 10 brand new aliens. Joined by his super-powered cousin Gwen and his equally powerful former enemy Kevin Levin, Ben is on a mission to find his missing Grandpa Max. In order to save his grandfather, Ben must defeat the evil DNALIENS, a powerful alien race intent on destroying the galaxy, starting with planet Earth. Ben 10: Alien Force premieres on TELETOON as part of the Ben 10 back to school event, featuring two days full of Ben 10 shows and movies on Saturday, August 30 and September 6.

Chowder (Canadian premiere)

Flash Forward sneak peek: Saturday August 23, 8:30 am ET/PT

TELETOON Premiere: Saturday, September 6,11am ET/PT

Regular Time: Saturdays 11am ET/PT

A new original series from Cartoon Network and created by C. H. Greenblatt (SpongeBob SquarePants), Chowder is a bright and food-filled comedy that follows a young apprentice who spends his days learning from a magical chef. Along with creating fantastical dishes from the fresh and weird ingredients found at the local market, Chowder runs errands, tries to keep things tidy in the kitchen and stay on the good side of the scatterbrained yet brilliant chef Mung Daal and his bossy wife Truffles.

The Spectacular Spider-Man (Canadian premiere)

Flash Forward sneak peek: Sunday August 24, 8:30 am ET/PT

TELETOON Premiere: Sunday, September 7, 10:30 am ET/PT

Regular Time: Sundays 10:30 am ET/PT

Produced by Sony Television and Marvel Comics, this new animated series focuses on the education of Peter Parker, four months on from the famous bite from a radioactive spider that left him a sixteen-year-old with spectacular superpowers. Still upset over the death of his uncle Ben, Peter comes face to face with villians including the Lizard, Green Goblin, Kingpin, and Venom. As he does his best to manage the many pressures of high school with those of becoming a supernatural crime-fighter, Peter learns about love, family, friendship, and what it takes to balance great power with great responsibility.

Out of Jimmy’s Head (Canadian premiere)

Flash Forward sneak peek: Saturday August 16, 8:30 am ET/PT

TELETOON Premiere: Saturday, September 6, 7:30 am ET/PT

Regular Time: Saturdays 7:30 am and 12:30 pm ET/PT

Out of Jimmy’s Head is the series extension of the hit movie Re-Animated which premiered on TELETOON in Spring 2008. A mix of animation and live-action, the comedy focuses on Jimmy Roberts and how he copes with everyday life surrounded by a cartoon entourage that only he can see. Following an accident, Jimmy undergoes an emergency brain transplant with a famous cartoonist and now can see all of the cartoonist’s creations in the real world. The chaos that comes from having cartoon characters involved in his life makes being normal nearly impossible.

World of Quest (Canadian premiere)

Flash Forward sneak peek: Sunday August 10, 8:30 am ET/PT

TELETOON Premiere: Monday, September 1, 6 pm ET/PT

Regular Time: Monday to Friday 6 pm, Sundays 9 am ET/PT

A TELETOON Original Production with Cookie Jar Entertainment and Kids WB!, World of Quest is an action comedy that follows the young and spoiled Prince Nestor on a mission to save his parents from the evil Lord Spite. To keep him safe, Nestor has enlisted the protection of the muscled but reluctant Quest. Quest has no desire to protect the prince and doesn’t care what happens to the kingdom, and really would prefer to just be left alone. Unfortunately he is under the power of a magic spell which forces him to come to the Prince’s aid when he is in trouble – which is often. World of Quest is based on the successful online comic created by Jason T. Kruse.

All New Episodes Premiering on TELETOON

Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get a Clue

Flash Forward sneak peek: Saturday, August 9, 8:30 am ET/PT

Regular Time: Saturdays 8:30 am and 2:30 pm ET/PT beginning Saturday, September 6

TELETOON continues as the destination for Scooby-Doo with the second season of the Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get a Clue. There are more secrets to unravel as Shaggy and Scoob continue to discover new things about the mysterious mansion that Shaggy has inherited from his genius uncle all the while trying to keep his uncle’s inventions of the reach of the evil Dr. Phineas Phibes.


Sundays 7:30 am ET/PT beginning Sunday, September 7

The action packed anime continues with new episodes following a group of friends as they battle their powerful Bakugan Brawlers to save a parallel universe and planet Earth.

My Gym Partner’s a Monkey

Flash Forward sneak peek: Saturday, August 2, 8:30 am ET/PT

Regular Time: Saturdays noon ET/PT beginning Saturday, September 6

Season four of the hit series from Cartoon Network continues to monkey around as Adam and his Spider Monkey best friend Jake receive lessons from the jungle in Charles Darwin High School.

The Batman

Flash Forward sneak peek: Sunday, August 3, 8:30 am ET/PT

Regular Time: Sundays 10 am ET/PT beginning Sunday, September 7

New episodes of the fifth and final season of the hit series sees Batman and Robin join forces with the Justice League including Superman, Green Arrow, Flash, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter. The team of super-

heroes go up against classic villains such as Lex Luthor in an effort to keep both Gotham and the world safe from harm.

TELETOON Detour travels down a humour highway as six new adult/teen comedies are added to the post-9:30 pm line-up. New shows coming to TELETOON Detour include the broadcast premiere of the newest TELETOON Original Production Life’s a Zoo as well as Lucy, Daughter of the Devil from Home Movies creator Loren Bouchard, Code Monkeys, and American Dad.

Throughout fall, The F’n Good Movie continues bringing the best in animated related features to televisions at 10 pm each Saturday and Sunday night. Classic episodes of Futurama kick-off TELETOON Detour every night at 9:30 ET/PT.

TELETOON Detour New Shows

Life’s a Zoo (Broadcast premiere)

Monday and Friday at 11 pm and Tuesday and Saturday at 1:30 am ET/PT

Beginning Monday, September 1

The fur will fly as seven strangers locked in a mansion, in the middle of a Saskatchewan wheat-field, debase themselves and attempt to destroy one another in order to win their luxurious abode and maybe even become famous. Life’s a Zoo is filled with the usual reality TV suspects: the vain, the villainous, the meek and the manic, in this case however the participants just happen to be animals. They may look cute and cuddly but don’t be fooled, the ability for the characters to manipulate and maneuver is truly human. Each episode of Life’s a Zoo features a fresh music video from one of Canada’s hottest bands including Spiral Beach, The Tin Bangs and Jason Kent. The show is a TELETOON Original Production with Cuppa Coffee (Rick and Steve The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World).

American Dad

Monday and Tuesday at 10 pm and midnight and Tuesday and Wednesday at 2:30 am ET/PT

Beginning Monday, September 1

Co-created by Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy) American Dad looks at the family of Stan Smith, a CIA agent and zealous American patriot. With a repressed party-girl wife, an ultra-liberal 18-year-old daughter, a geeky son as well as a sarcastic grey alien and talking German goldfish, life in the Smith household is far from typical, something that Stan finds incredibly stressful and leads him to a few hilarious exploits.

American Dad is produced by 20th Century Fox Television and stars Seth MacFarlane, Wendy Schaal and Patrick Stewart.

Lucy, Daughter of the Devil (Canadian premiere)

Wednesday at 11 pm and Thursday at 1:30 am ET/PT

Beginning Wednesday, September 3

From Adult Swim, Lucy, Daughter of the Devil is directed and produced by Loren Bouchard (Home Movies, Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist) and stars H. Jon Benjamin and Melissa Galsky (Home Movies). Lucy is the spawn of Satan, a 21-year-old art graduate, who struggles with her father’s wishes for her to fulfill her destiny as the Antichrist and her growing feelings for DJ Jesús. While working out what she wants from life she is unknowingly being tracked by two priests and a nun who are intent on destroying her.

The Critic

Wednesday and Thursday at 10 pm and midnight and Thursday and Friday at 2:30 am ET/PT

Beginning Wednesday, September 3

Produced by Mike Reiss and James L. Brooks (The Simpsons) The Critic stars Jon Lovitz as Jay Sherman, a caustic film critic hosting his show “Coming Attractions” living in New York. Balancing his constant disillusionment with Hollywood with his boss’s request that he keep his show positive, Jay works hard not only at his job but also at his relationships with his family, friends and ex-wife. Produced by Columbia Tri-Star Television with Gracie Films, The Critic features sharp movie parodies and the voice of Nancy Cartwright.

Code Monkeys

Thursday at 11 pm and Friday at 1:30 am ET/PT

Beginning Thursday, September 4

Created by Adam de la Peña (Minoriteam) and produced by G4, Code Monkeys follows the exploits of two video game programmers whose lives take a chaotic turn when the company they are working for, GameAvision, is taken over by fanatical Texan businessman. Code Monkeys is a nostalgic look at early video games and the games development industry and is animated using a colour palette and sound effects reminiscent of 8 and 16-bit video games.

Father of the Pride

Friday at 10 pm and midnight and Saturday 2:30 am ET/PT

Beginning Friday, September 5

Produced by DreamWorks Animation, Father of the Pride is a CGI sitcom following the lives of a family of white lions living in Las Vegas. Larry (John Goodman), the father of the family works as Siegfried & Roy performing lion, a far cry from is laid back, no nonsense background. Larry isn’t exactly cut out for show business and although he tries hard he endures daily taunting from his father-in-law Sarmoti (Carl Reiner), an aging show lion who disapproves of Larry’s disregard of Rat-Pack style Vegas values.

Teletoon unveils fall programming highlights

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Starting Monday, August 29, 2005, twenty-eight (28) new shows, or returning series with new episodes, are coming to the network, including 13 brand new series, 9 of which are TELETOON Original Productions (including 2 o­ne-hour specials); and 15 returning series with new episodes (3 are from Canadian producers) are finding their way back to the network.

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