Kenny and Spenny Bring Their Outrageous Rivalry to Showcase

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Lifelong friends Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice star in Kenny vs. Spenny, a unique reality/comedy series revolving around the relationship – and rivalry – between two men who really should just get jobs. Breakthrough Films & Television is pleased to announce that 15 new half-hour episodes of this Showcase Original series will air on the network this fall, beginning Sunday, October 16 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT.

Each week, Kenny and Spenny challenge each other to perform outrageous real-life competitions and will stop at nothing to sabotage, humiliate and one-up each other in a never-ending quest for supremacy. While Kenny is a wisecracker and schemer who is always looking for a shortcut to victory, Spenny is a bundle of nerves who suspects that Kenny may cheat, but always takes the high road in his efforts to emerge victorious. Kenny and Spenny are forced to live together in a downtown Toronto house that is wired for camera and sound; they also venture out into the city, inspiring mayhem and involving an odd assortment of outcasts, experts and begrudging relatives and ex-girlfriends.

“When you think of Kenny vs. Spenny, you think of the most painful, most humiliating roommate rivalry – combined with an extreme form of hallucinogenic – all rolled into a half-hour reality comedy show,” says Ira Levy, Executive Producer of Kenny vs. Spenny.

In the first episode, the guys compete to see who can drink more beer – and puking means disqualification. Since Spenny’s a much more experienced boozer, he’s sure he has this one in the bag… but he should think again. The challenges result in glory for the winner and humiliation for the loser. The winner makes the humiliations as degrading as possible. Other challenges include “Who can stay naked the longest?”, “Who can sell more bibles?” and “Who do old people like more?”

When they’re not risking life, limb and sanity in their wacky competitions, the actors are involved in other projects. Kenny Hotz will begin writing for the acclaimed comedy series South Park in October. Spencer Rice recently created, wrote and directed a comedy show for the Oxygen Network in the United States.

Kenny vs. Spenny airs on U.S.-based broadcaster GSN (formerly The Game Show Network), and the format and/or series has been sold to Australia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Scandinavia, Spain, Turkey and the UK. Kenny vs. Spenny is a Breakthrough Films & Television production, produced in association with Blueprint Entertainment.