YTV unveils fall programming highlights


New programming YTV will offer us this fall include Unfabulous, Catsratch, Krypto the Superdog, Avatar: The Last Airbender and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Ghost TrackersLive Action

The Ghostbusters have nothing o­n the contestants in this new series! Building o­n the actual art and science of ghost hunting, Ghost Trackers is a live-action reality show where kids compete to become the ultimate Ghost Master by investigating paranormal activity in a variety of haunted venues. Contestants are judged by a group of their peers o­n their skill, teamwork and competence.  If they succeed, they graduate to subsequent competitions.

Also coming this fall to Discovery Kids Canada.

Produced by CCI Entertainment in association with YTVCountry of origin: Canada26 x 30 minutes

Prank Patrol Live Action

Filled with viewer suggestions and how-to’s, Prank Patrol is a little bit design show, and a little bit Punk’d.  Each episode consists of a prank suggested by viewers who then learn how to design, build and execute it—all with the help of the Prank Patrol in their customized SpyVan and some knowledgeable experts.  

Also coming this fall to Discovery Kids Canada.

Produced by Apartment 11 in association with YTVCountry of origin: Canada26 x 30 minutes


Unfabulous Live Action

Addie Singer is a quick-witted, self-aware 13-year-old who is just trying to get through middle school o­ne day at a time. Addie's life isn't particularly fabulous, but she doesn't let it bother her; being part of the popular crowd isn't that important. When she's stressed or confused, Addie writes songs and records her own music—but o­nly in the privacy of her own room. It doesn't bother Addie that her songs are less than perfect, and she doesn't even dream of being a rock star. All she wants to do is get through her pre-teens with as little humiliation as possible!  Unfabulous stars Julia Roberts’ niece Emma Roberts as Addie.

Produced by NickelodeonCountry of origin: U.S.26 x 30 minutes

Catscratch Animation

Mr. Blik, Gordon and Waffle are three irresponsible cats who inherited millions from their elderly owner; she left them her house, her butler and every penny of her fortune. With their new riches, the brothers are free to do whatever their furry hearts desire, although they rarely agree o­n exactly what that is. Filled with comic misadventures and brotherly struggles, Catscratch follows this unique trio as they take advantage of their newfound freedom, get into trouble, yet always band together as brothers. The series features Wayne Knight (Seinfeld) as Mr. Blik, Rob Paulsen (The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius) as Gordon Quid and Kevin McDonald (The Kids in the Hall) as Waffle.

Produced by NickelodeonCountry of origin: U.S.13 x 30 minutes

Krypto the SuperdogAnimation

What would you do if your dog had superpowers?  That’s what nine-year-old Kevin Whitney is about to find out after he befriends Krypto, a mysterious dog with amazing powers including X-ray vision, super-strength and the ability to fly.  Krypto belonged to Superman, but was accidentally launched into space by Superman’s dad.  A problem with his rocket sent Krypto o­n a course for Earth, and now he and Kevin are partners in a never-ending crusade to fight the evil forces that threaten the safety of humans and animals alike.  Follow the comedic canine adventures of Krypto the Superdog as he makes his debut o­n the small screen, after years of being Superman’s sidekick in the comics.

Produced by Warner Brothers AnimationCountry of origin: U.S.26 x 30 minutes

Avatar: The Last Airbender Animation

When the hostile Fire Nation threatens to enslave the Water, Earth and Air Nations, a reluctant and mischievous boy must face his destiny as the Avatar: the chosen o­ne who can restore world order. Avatar: The Last Airbender follows the journey of Aang, a 12-year-old boy torn between fulfilling his fate as the long-awaited Avatar and just wanting to be a regular kid. Aang is called upon to lead the fight against the vicious Fire Nation to restore balance in his wartorn world. Aided by a protective teenage Waterbender named Katara, and her bull-headed warrior brother Sokka, Aang proceeds o­n a perilous journey to save the world while sometimes shaking off his heavy responsibilities so that he can enjoy being a kid.

Produced by NickelodeonCountry of origin: U.S.13 x 30 minutes

Sabrina the Teenage Witch Live Action

Sabrina is a normal teenager, except for o­ne thing—she’s a witch! Guided by her aunts, who come from a long line of witches, and Salem, a mischievous warlock doing penance as a black cat, Sabrina continually struggles to harness her powers while unwittingly wreaking havoc o­n friends and foes alike. While struggling through the growing pains associated with being a witch, and getting into lots of harmless trouble along the way, Sabrina realizes that magic isn’t quite as easy as pointing your finger. Sabrina the Teenage Witch stars Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina and Caroline Rhea as her Aunt Hilda.

Produced by ParamountCountry of origin: U.S.163 x 30 minutes

The Fresh Prince of Bel-AirLive Action

Will Smith stars as a teenager from inner-city Philadelphia who's sent to California to live in with his wealthy relatives in the hopes that they will straighten him out and teach him some good old-fashioned values. But Will has something else in mind, and soon takes his place as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.Produced by Stuffed Dog Company and Quincy Jones Entertainment in association with NBC Country of origin: U.S.80 x 30 minutes

Sausage FactoryLive Action

Follow the hilarious lives of four best buddies as they try to survive their junior year at West Boulder High. There's Zack (Adam Brody, The O.C.), who's trying to win over his unrequited crush Lisa; Ted, the rich kid who can't score with his girlfriend Nancy; J.C., who gets hit o­n by women old enough to be his mother; and Gilby, the class clown who's always stirring up trouble.  The Sausage Factory is a fantastically funny take o­n the little triumphs and big fat disasters that are part of being a teenage guy.

Produced by Nelvana and Peach Arch Entertainment in association with The Comedy Network and MTVCountry of origin: Canada13 x 30 minutes

Bob & Margaret Animation

Based o­n the Academy Award-winning short film Bob’s Birthday, the animated comedy Bob and Margaret revolves around the everyday lives of mediocre dentist Bob Fish and his awkwardly shy but loving wife, Margaret, a podiatrist. Rounding out the family are Elizabeth and William, two slobbering dogs whom Margaret treats as if they were children. Originally from London, Bob and Margaret come to live in Canada after a bizarre sequence of events forces them to flee their home. In Toronto, Canada, Bob and Margaret befriend new neighbours, start new jobs and begin to discover their new surroundings. As the couple settles into their new home, they embark o­n a series of new misadventures.  Bob and Margaret provides a whole new way to  look—and laugh—at the ordinary occurrences in life.

Produced by NelvanaCountry of origin: Canada52 x 30 minutes


Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Anime

Based o­n the popular Japanese pop duo Puffy AmiYumi, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi follows the wacky animated adventures of the real-life pop stars as they travel from gig to gig. Touring the globe in their tricked-out tour bus with their pint-sized manager Kaz, each episode is bursting with bright, splashy animation, comical characters and a boundless universe for Ami and Yumi to explore. Infused with live action segments and the pair’s music videos, no style is taboo, no era goes unexplored, and no combination is too out there for this inventive group.  With comparisons to everyone from ABBA to ELO and the Cardigans to Stereolab, like their music, the show will keep you guessing. 

Produced by Cartoon Network StudiosCountry of origin: U.S.26 x 30 minutes

Mew Mew Power Anime

Zoey Hanson is under a lot of stress—not o­nly does she have tons of homework, a part-time waitressing job, and a huge crush o­n the coolest boy in school, but she also has to save the world from total destruction.  Based o­n a popular comic book from Japan, Mew Mew Power follows Zoey as she learns she is o­ne part of a five-girl group who all possess the powers of endangered animals.  Together, they must battle aliens who want to destroy mankind, and o­nly time will tell if these teen girls are up to the challenge.  Join Zoey and her super gal pals for a half-hour of mystery, mayhem and major meltdowns!

Produced by 4Kids EntertainmentCountry of origin: Japan26 x 30 minutes

Zatch Bell Anime

Every 1,000 years, o­ne hundred mamodo descend upon Earth to conduct the ultimate battle. There is o­nly o­ne problem—in order for the mamodo to use their powerful spell books, they need a human partner.  Kiyo is a brilliant but aloof 14-year-old boy in junior high school. While exploring a rainforest in England, Kiyo’s archeologist father discovers Zatch, an unconscious mamodo child. He sends the good-hearted and mysterious Zatch to be his son’s mentor, but Zatch has amnesia and does not have any idea that he is a powerful mamodo! It is up to Kiyo and Zatch to discover that together.

Produced byVIZ Media LLCCountry of origin: Japan52 x 30 minutes


D.I.C.E. (DNA Integrated Cybernetic Enterprises), is a large organization established to deal with problems in the Sarbylion galaxy. D.I.C.E. F-99 is the o­nly unit comprised entirely of children, and when a problem arises, D.I.C.E. is called to the rescue. When their special training and skills aren’t enough, they rely o­n their Dinobreakers, which can transform from Vehicle Mode to Dino Mode to help get the job done.

Produced by BandaiCountry of origin: Japan26 x 30 minutes

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone ComplexAnime

In the future, the line between the digital and physical worlds has been blurred. The boundary of technology and humanity has been stretched beyond imagination with lives being led in both the electronic and physical worlds. With the melding of man and machine a new cybernetic level of existence is being created—an existence that continues to redefine mankind.

Produced by BandaiCountry of origin: Japan26 x 30 minutes


Zixx: Level TwoLive Action/Animation

Zixx is a live action and game animation sci-fi series chronicling the adventures of an unlikely team of heroes who join forces in a quest to save the universe from evil. Led by the fearless alien operative, Zixx Phunkee Zee (Barbara Mamobolo), a contingent of human boys and girls contribute their strategic game smarts to the battle in the Keep—a third dimension labyrinth which operates like a game. Zixx: Level Two is an upgrade of the first season, Level o­ne; characters now have better equipment and cooler vehicles, but the puzzles are harder and the villains are smarter.

Produced by Thunderbird Films in association with YTVCountry of origin: Canada13 x 30 minutes

YTV also airs new episodes of the following series beginning in September: 15/Love, All Grown Up, Being Ian, Chalk Zone, Danny Phantom, Drake & Josh, Girlstuff Boystuff, Inuyasha, Jacob Two-Two, Jimmy Neutron, Martin Mystery, Mischief City, My Life As A Teenage Robot, Pokemon, Pokemon Chronicles, Smallville, SpongeBob SquarePants, What I Like About You, Winx Club, Xiaolin Showdown, Yu Gi Oh! and Yu Gi Oh! GX.

Winter/Spring 2006

YTV has an exciting lineup of Canadian original productions joining its schedule in early 2006, including:

Captain Flamingo, Earky Perky, Grossology, Jane and the Dragon and Monster Warriors.