Production of W Network’s Majumder Manor Season 2 Underway in Newfoundland

Production is underway on Season 2 of W Network’s Majumder Manor. The 10-episode series returns as one of Canada’s most beloved comedic talents continues on his monumental quest to put his tiny hometown of Burlington, Newfoundland on the map, literally. Produced by Take The Shot Productions Inc. in association with W Network, the second season includes 10 30-minute episodes and is scheduled to air spring 2014 on W Network.

Majumder Manor follows Shaun Majumder, a Canadian comedic talent and three-time Gemini Award winner as he attempts to give back to a community that’s given him so much. In Season 1,  Shaun returned to his tiny hometown of Burlington with a plan to make it an international hot spot for travellers across the globe by buildingMajumder Manor, a five-star eco-friendly lodge with a transcendent modern design and a spectacular restaurant. The high-end destination he dreams of is a far cry from the rustic camper trailer that he once lived in as a child in Burlington.

Although the manor did not get built in Season 1, Shaun has no intention of abandoning his dream or giving up on Burlington. In Season 2, Shaun, Shelby and the whole crew are back and taking the eco-lux lodge project in an exciting new direction. Tourism is on the rise in Burlington and so is Shaun’s blood pressure as he juggles building new places to stay and exploring new businesses – all while Shelby tries to organize the perfect wedding celebration to share with friends and family.


Majumder Manor is produced in association with W Network and with the participation of the Canada Media Fund (CMF).