Teens Who Throw Stones aren’t vandals, they’re heroes on TELETOOn’s DI-GATA DEFENDERS


Canada’s strongest fantasy-adventure series yet – Nelvana’s gaming-inspired Di-Gata Defenders – is rumbling onto TELETOON’s airwaves this August.

The series’ multi-layered stories, where good and evil aren’t as clear-cut as they appear, will appeal to animation fans of any age who want a bit more depth along with their action. As the spell that binds the evil Megalith’s spirit into four stone prisons weakens, the four remaining Di-Gata Defenders must reunite the stones and recast the spell to save their realm from evil. TELETOON presents the exclusive CINETOON sneak preview of three back-to-back episodes on Sat., Aug. 5 at 5 p.m. ET/PT. The series premieres on Sat., Aug. 12 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

“Di-Gata Defenders blends fantasy, adventure and humour together for a gripping action series,” says Carole Bonneau, Vice-President of Programming at TELETOON, “Anyone who is into gaming or adventure series, or who has a penchant for the animé genre, will become a serious fan of this show!”

Created by Hamilton, Ontario-born Greg Collinson, Di-Gata Defenders (26 x 30′) – which was pitched to Nelvana executives during the production company’s yearly open call session — tracks the adventures of teen warriors Seth, Melosa, Erik and Kara. Sequestered since birth, these defenders have been learning to harness the earth’s energy to prepare them for their battle against the Order of Infinis and the awesome power of the Megalith.

The CINETOON presentation sets the stage for the full launch of the series. In the 90-minute special, viewers are introduced to the Defenders and their quest, as the four inexperienced warriors race against time to gather the four pure stones to recast the spell of binding. The journey will be a long and perilous one, but slowing down is not an option because Nazmul and his evil Order of Infinis are never more than a few steps behind. The race is on!

Fans of the series can continue their Di-Gata experience by participating in their own Di-Gata battles at home. The Di-Gata website which will be accessible through www.teletoon.com as of mid-August, will offer single player games and a multi-player online role-playing game, an online forum, a regular blog by Greg Collinson, contests and downloads. A competitive dice game should also become available for viewers to play along with the on-air series in 2007.

Creator Greg Collinson credits several fantasy media with his inspiration for the series, including Star Wars, Force Five, Frank Herbert’s “DUNE” series, and role-playing games Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer, just to name a few. A graduate of Sheridan College’s Classical Animation program, he explains that Di-Gata Defenders is a culmination of all the elements of science fiction, fantasy and mythology that he loved. The series is also a mirror of his childhood fantasy – where kids are unleashed in a world of mystery with minimal adult supervision.

Voice work in the series is provided by Noah Cappe (Seth); Martha MacIssac (Melosa); Dan Petronijevic (Erik); Stephanie Beard (Kara); Jeremy From (Adam); Maurice Dean Wint (Professor Alnar); Lawrence Bayne (Lord Nazmul); Juan Chioran (Brackus); and Ron Rubin (Flinch).