Lone Ranger marathon hits Lonestar

Lonestar will feature a Lone Ranger marathon consisting of two movies and
eight classic episodes from the 1950’s television series. The marathon begins at 6am ET on Saturday, October 9. The lineup will repeat at 2pm ET and 10pm ET.

All of the movies and episodes star Clayton Moore as The Lone Ranger and Jay Silverheels as Tonto.

The marathon lineup includes:
Movie: The Lone Ranger (1956)
Episode: The Wooden Rifle
Episode: The Counterfeit Mask
Episode: Quarter Horse War
Episode: Code of Honour
Episode: Dead-Eye
Episode: Canuck
Episode: The Angel and the Outlaw

Episode: Outlaws in Grease Paint
Movie: The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold (1958)

The classic television series aired from 1949 – 1957.