Fall 2004 Highlights: SexTV

Programming highlights for 2004-2005.

SexTV:The Channel approaches sexuality as a topic to explore in a respectful, clever and wholly entertaining way. From the makers of the acclaimed series “Sextv”, comes an entertaining and provocative channel that explores sexuality in all its diversity, encompassing everything from physiology to fashion, language to lifestyle, eros to erudition. SexTV: The Channel is a CHUM Television Channel.


“Sextv” embraces sexuality in all its diversity, probing the hearts and minds of people around the world for answers and insight. It’s an internationally syndicated program that explores and celebrates the power and mysteries of human sexuality. It interprets the truly enormous range of human passions and reaction to all things sexual in a non-judgmental, cutting-edge forum.

“Sex Confessions”
“Sex Confessions” boldly goes where no TV show has before – straight to the core of the largest sex organ in the human body, the mind. It taps the sexual psyche of people around the world, gathering intimate thoughts on love, life and sex, through unique, engaging first-person testimonials. Glimpse people’s dirty little secrets, listen to their advice, hear their fantasies and indulge your voyeuristic side.


“SEX ROUNDTABLE: The Producers”
“Sex Roundtable” is an intimate, no-holds-barred forum for the producers of “Sextv” The Series to give you the stories behind the stories. Be a fly-on-the-wall as producers recount their often wild encounters from the field, glimpse never-before-seen footage and gain new insights into the issues and events that make “Sextv” smart, provocative and unique. A SexTV: The Channel Original Production.

Unlike traditional magazine shows, Carnal Knowledge expresses its ideas through specially commissioned conceptual pieces of animation, short films, mini-docs, spoken word and music. Each special focuses on a single theme and its relationship to sexuality and culture. A SexTV: The Channel Original Production.

“SLAP ‘N TICKLE: Worldwide Erotic Short-Film Showcase”
An exclusive collection of the world’s best independent erotic shorts. A SexTV: The Channel Original Production.

Intimate biographies on the people that have helped shape the way that we see, feel, and think about sex. A SexTV: The Channel Original Production.

“CELEBRITY SEX SCANDALS: Sin, Sex & Hollywood”
From Ingrid Bergman to Rob Lowe to Paris Hilton, SexTV chronicles how celebrity sex scandals have evolved to reflect a society’s attitude and anxieties about sexuality and gender. We trace the arc from a time when appearing “loose” would have ruined your career to a time when one’s excessive sex life can actually make your career. These “scandals” become emblems of how far we have evolved as a society, and how far we have yet to go. A SexTV: The Channel Original Production.

“UTOPIA : Sex and Gender in an Ideal World”
SexTV traces the history of Utopian thought, and presents the people and groups who, throughout the ages, set out to create idealized sexual worlds. From the 19th century “free-love” Oneida community, to the celibate Buddhist monasteries, SexTV offers a look at fascinating Utopian social models that ultimately make us reflect about own sexual choices and question our social beliefs. A SexTV: The Channel Original Production.

“RISQUÉ RHYTHMS – Sex and Music”
SexTV: The Channel presents varied and insightful music features from the acclaimed series “Sextv”, and traces the history of pop music from the raw sexual braggadocio of the Blues, to the explicit depictions of sexual desire in contemporary music videos. From the time when Elvis’ shaking pelvis caused a widespread panic, to the present day when scantily clad porn stars make appearances with A-list stars, this special looks at the music that has shaken our sexual foundations. A SexTV: The Channel Original Production.