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    Jason Sheps

    C'mon Shaw, give us some CN love, in HD too…

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    I do love living in Canada, but I have to be honest, when it comes to TV here, it sucks.

    My main issues:

    1. If it is on “FOX”…leave it on “FOX”, don’t put “Global” on “FOX”.

    2. Canadian shows do not have the same “Production Value” as the U.S., so all our shows look like crap and cheap (SAY GOODBYE TO “CANADA’S GOT TALENT”…WHAT A SHOCK).(with the exception of “Trailer Park Boys”….it’s just pure fun. And no I`m not a Druggie…it was just a show that did what it wanted to).

    3. The U.S. and Canada should release shows at the same time. NOT MONTH’S LATER.

    4. “Cable” companies should have the same channels. “F” all the rules. We sould be able to watch/subscribe to what ever company we want without “Con’s” to join so they can make money. So much for Freedom in this world.


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    1)Studios make millions if not billions of dollars off international sales so that is why we will never just see shows on there own network.

    2)Some shows i agree but there are some such as Saving Hope that are solid.

    3)I would love to see that but the fact is for some networks its not possible.

    4)This is a very complex issues much like studios would lose massive amounts of money if all the shows were just on there network if you toss out all the rules yo would see studios hurt big time.Again it comes down to the of the international sales but the other thing is sports leagues if you just have one channels say for hockey the league would lose billions of dollars another issue is say Disney could not sell rights to there channels again they would lose out big time.

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    Joe Culp

    That goes double for you Bell TV.

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    christian maurice

    Come on Videotron, in quebec, we need some Cartoon network. I have a feeling that launch of CN Canada was very rushed.

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    Martin Juneau

    Bah! Who needs CN anyway when we got yet Teletoon and YTV as the same kind of carriage?

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