WHITE COLLAR returns to Bravo!

The wait is over. The critically acclaimed series WHITE COLLAR returns exclusively in Canada on Bravo! with seven all-new episodes.

On Friday, January 22 at 9 pm ET, the thrills, chases, and quick getaways return courtesy of this addictive new series starring Matthew Boomer and Tim DeKay as unlikely partners Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke. The charming ex-con artist (Boomer) and tough-guy FBI agent (DeKay) were last seen investigating a fellow agent who had gone missing after infiltrating a Chinese money laundering scheme.

The intelligent and witty series returns with episode seven of the first season, Free Fall. Trouble ensues when an elaborate jewelry robbery goes down and the FBI suspects Caffrey of orchestrating the heist. Burke finds himself in a difficult position as he determines whether or not Caffrey is involved.

WHITE COLLAR’S cast also includes Tiffani Thiessen (WHAT ABOUT BRIAN), who plays Burke’s wife Elizabeth, an intelligent, high-status event planner with a certain intuition of her own. Willie Garson (SEX AND THE CITY) plays Mozzie, a friend of Caffrey’s with a strong distrust of the Feds and an unyielding belief in conspiracy theories. Diahann Carroll (GREY’S ANATOMY) is part of the cast as a dynamic recurring guest star.