Super Catalyst Emerging Screenwriter Award winners

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Super Channel is pleased to announce the four winners of the Super Catalyst Emerging Screenwriter Award.

A total of 204 submissions were received from across Canada. Winners were chosen through a juried process conducted by Super Channel’s Creative Development Group, which reported the calibre of submissions high, and competition fierce.

Super Catalyst Emerging Screenwriter Award winners

Shock and Awe – Peter Byrne, Writer.
A retired navy vet hatches a hare-brained scheme to simultaneously heal his best friend’s broken heart and save his local Legion by kidnapping Canada’s Prime Minister.

Small Fires – Fiona Augustine Curtis, Writer.
A reclusive music student returns to her hometown and befriends the two young sons of African immigrants. The three commit a series of arsons but when they escalate their small fires from innocent rituals to acts of revenge, the strength of their friendship is put to the test.

Stranger Than You – Tony Elliott, Writer.
A cynical judge for the Big Book of World Records has one last chance to save his job and his love life. He’s sent to a dying prairie town where he expects to meet the same desperate people willing to do anything for their 15 minutes of fame. Instead he meets Kate, a feisty gal with an astonishing talent.

The Sensational – Tony Dean Smith and Ryan W. Smith, Writers.
After discovering a haunted science project in his grandfather’s secret shed, Simon Sanders (15), a cynical teen, teams up with his friends on an adventure that restores his belief in magic, family and hope.

Each of the winners will receive a four-month long story editing process with a current or former Super Channel Creative Development Representative. At the end of this process, one of the four scripts will be chosen to receive a table read with industry influencers present.

In addition to the Super Catalyst Emerging Screenwriter Award, Super Channel will be launching a similar award for documentary filmmakers and be presenting an inaugural story editor training initiative as part of its ongoing commitment to finding new and relevant ways to benefit the production community.

Since March 1, 2010 Super Channel Creative Development Representative roles have been restructured to expand regional responsibilities throughout Canada. Maureen Levitt is now the contact for Western Canada, (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Territories); Richard Paradis continues as the representative for Quebec; and, Marguerite Pigott, as well as continuing as Creative Development Group Lead, is now also the contact for Eastern Canada (Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces).

Super Channel acknowledges with gratitude the outstanding service of Will Dixon, Melissa Kajpust, Ray Wilson, Geoff LeBoutillier, Cheryl Wagner and Anna Petras during their tenure as Creative Development Representatives for Super Channel.