GOLDEN BOY Walter William Clark, Jr. Named New York City Police Commissioner, Appointment Begins Feb. 26

After only seven years in the NYPD, Walter William Clark, Jr. has been named the City of New York’s Police Commissioner. A highly ambitious officer, 34-year-old Clark has ascended to the position faster than any cop on record to become the youngest Police Commissioner in the 170-year history of the department. The appointment comes on the heels of stellar career achievements and great personal losses. As Clark assumes the position on Feb. 26, CTV is set to simultaneously broadcast an intense and gripping career retrospective in GOLDEN BOY, debuting Tuesday, Feb 26 at 10 p.m. ET/PT for two weeks. Visit for future broadcast information.

(L-R): Walter William Clark, Jr. and his former partner Detective Don Owen

Keenly observant and politically savvy, Clark (Theo James) is a natural fit for the position of Commissioner. First to admit that he has made his career decisions solely on his need to succeed as quickly as possible, Clark has fought the hard fight for justice – both personally and professionally. “Inside me there are two dogs, one good and one evil,” says Clark, quoting the parable of the fighting dogs. “Which one wins? The one you feed the most.”

An epic journey fraught with costly consequences, CTV takes a look back at the road to Clark’s tremendous achievement. Perhaps the most ambitious man on the force, GOLDEN BOY Clark’s street kid beginnings gave him the tough exterior necessary to ascend through the ranks at such a young age. Clark was plucked off of street patrol after a tremendous act of heroism that saw him save the life of his partner and single-handedly take down two felons – despite having taken a bullet to the vest. He was immediately promoted from officer to detective and awarded the assignment of his choosing for these acts of valour. With only three years as a street cop under his belt, many argued that he hadn’t “made his bones” when he chose the Homicide Task Force.

The youngest homicide detective by a decade, he was partnered with veteran Detective Don Owen (Chi McBride), a gruff lifer just two years shy of retirement who Clark credits with teaching him invaluable career and life lessons. Also on the team that year was the ever-resourceful and well-connected Detective Joe Diaco (Holt McCallany); Detective Deborah McKenzie [the only female in the unit (Bonnie Somerville)]; and her partner Detective Christian Arroyo (Kevin Alejandro), arguably the team’s most accomplished, if not divisive member.

Though laser-focused on moving up the ladder, Clark’s soft spot has always been his sister, Agnes, who had a much more difficult time escaping the ways of the street. As a teenager, Agnes demonstrated increasingly dangerous behaviour, while Clark, her sole caregiver and supporter, struggled to keep her on the right side of the law.

Savvy cop or master politician, Clark takes the highest seat in the department, disappointing all the adversaries who were eager to see him fail.

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