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    Joe Culp

    No More Little House on the Prairie…That Bites…What is Popcorn Tv?

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    Channel Canada

    Popcorn TV is similar to Just For Laughs – Gags. Here's a brief description of it:

    Laughter is the best medicine and Popcorn TV brings you your daily dose of smiles and laughter, with hidden camera antics, bloopers, comedy sketches, home videos and more. Leland Klassen, widely regarded as Canada’s Premiere Clean Comedian, hosts the half-hour of fun which features hilarious hidden camera gags from around the world. Some of the life’s funniest moments come out of everyday situations – people reacting spontaneously to what’s going on around them. Popcorn TV’s hidden cameras capture the true to life comedy of people of all ages, being themselves and even includes a Junior hidden camera element where kids will discover that things are not always what they seem! In addition, hilarious home video clips will make you laugh and cringe in equal measures, depicting everyday people doing everyday things… or maybe not – you just won’t believe it!

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    Will Little House on the Prairie be on at a different time? I can’t believe it is being replaced by the Gilmore Girls;(

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    Hi Leanne, it looks like LHOTP is out of the schedule. I don’t see it anywhere else on the schedule.

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    Is there any way to get Little House on the Prairie back on? I know so many people that watch it with their families, and are so disappointed. Please put it back in the line up!! 🙂

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    Mary Ann

    Please bring back Little House on the Prairie. We miss it so much, already!

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    Darryl Clayton

    Bring back Little house! I see that Huntley Street is back on at 9pm DEC

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