Global Highlights for the Week October 1, 2012



Tuesday, October 2 – 10pm ET/PT

“Money Plays”
Sheriff Lamb, his brother Jack and son Dixon investigate the murder of a craps dealer in an apparent home robbery that seems to be connected to a matching crime. Meanwhile, Savino plots to gain the trust of his new count room manager, who is the daughter of a notorious mob boss.


Thursday, October 4 – 8pm ET/PT

“Blue on Blue”
More than 20 warships are closing on the 200-mile perimeter that Marcus Chaplin declared as a no man’s land around the island. And as XO Sam Kendal is drawn into a battle on the ground to keep them alive, Prosser confronts Marcus about something personal to him that could be impacting his judgment as Captain of the Colorado.


Thursday, October 4 – 10pm ET/PT

**Bill Heck (Pan Am) Guest Stars**

“While You Were Sleeping”
Sherlock uses his powers of deduction to consult on the murder of a young man who is shot upon entering his apartment. Meanwhile, Watson has dinner with her ex-boyfriend, Ty (Bell Heck).



Monday, October 1 – 8pm ET/PT

“The Gunk in the Garage”
After an explosion occurs in a hotel garage, the Jeffersonian team researches the remains found at the crime scene. Meanwhile, Booth takes on a desk assignment and Sweets is given a temporary partner.


Monday, October 1 – 9pm ET/PT

“The Talk”

Jasmine and Crosby explain an emotional lesson to Jabbar. Meanwhile, Kristina adjusts to her new life and Sarah is exposed to a different side of her boss.



Monday, October 1 – 10pm ET/PT

**Ed Asner (Up) Guest Stars**
“Kanalua (Doubt)”
As McGarrett searches for his mother, the team turns to August March (Ed Asner) for help when an art heist turns deadly.

Tuesday, October 2 – 8pm ET/PT
When the body of a missing NCIS facilities manager is found four months after disappearing on the day of the Navy Yard bombings, the NCIS team is assigned to investigate the strange case for one of their own. Meanwhile, when the team is required to complete a mandatory psych evaluation, Gibbs becomes concerned about Abby’s recurring nightmares since the bombing.

Tuesday, October 2 – 9pm ET/PT  
A drone strike on a bomb-making compound in Afghanistan reveals the body of a recently retired Marine, leaving the NCIS: LA team to investigate why the Marine returned to Afghanistan and whether or not he betrayed the country he fought for.

Wednesday, October 3 – 8pm ET/PT 
“This Isn’t a We Game”
An injury prone castaway incurs a fresh battle wound during an intense Immunity Challenge. Meanwhile, a wary castaway considers an unlikely alliance when one tribe member brings an invaluable gift to the table.

Wednesday, October 3 – 9pm ET/PT 
“Do You Believe in Ghosts…Yes!”
Ryan comes to grips that he doesn’t have Janie around to take care of him. Meanwhile, the group helps Lauren prepare for her real estate certification exam and Steven and Ryan spend a night on the town after Steven breaks up with girlfriend.

Wednesday, October 3 – 9:30pm ET/PT 
“Marny Wants a Girl”
After four boys, Marny wants to try for another baby in hopes to have a girl, but Gary isn’t too keen on the idea. Meanwhile, Nick and Emily reluctantly attend Sheila’s child CPR class


Thursday, October 4 – 9pm ET/PT

“The Break-Up”
Rachel and Kurt are caught off-guard when they get unexpected visits in New York City. Meanwhile, Santana and Brittany deal with the long distance between them, and Will and Emma disagree on a new job offer.

Friday, October 5 – 9pm ET/PT
Martina finds a letter from a client who was institutionalized after pleading insanity for manslaughter, but now claims innocence. Meanwhile, Bonnie introduces her new boyfriend to the family.

Saturday, October 6 – 11:30pm ET/PT   
Daniel Craig takes on hosting duties, with musical guest, Muse.

Sunday, October 7 – 7pm ET/PT
“Clean-Smelling Pirate”   
When a young boy’s busy father leaves him at the hospital with their Russell Terrier with kidney failure, George taps into his softer side to help the boy deal with the situation. Meanwhile, Dorothy tries to give the case to Doug, who is brilliant with kids, but George insists that he is up for the challenge. 

Sunday, October 7 – 7:30pm ET/PT *A Halloween Special Episode*
“Escape From Goochland”
Cleveland and the gang visit their rival high school in Goochland for the annual football game, but when Federline destroys the car belonging to Cleveland’s arch-nemesis Chet Butler, they must find a way to escape their enemy’s home turf. Meanwhile, Donna dons a sexy Halloween costume that gets her in trouble with the cops, and Roberta and Cleveland Jr. play pranks around Stoolbend when they dress up as Donna and Cleveland.


Sunday, October 7 – 8pm ET/PT *A Halloween Special Episode*

**Jon Lovitz (SNL) Guest Voices**
“Treehouse Of Horror XXIII”
Bart travels to 1974 to buy a comic book at cover price, but inadvertently disrupts Homer and Marge’s courtship, leading Marge to end up with Artie Ziff (guest voice Jon Lovitz).


Sunday, October 7 – 8:30pm ET/PT *A Halloween Special Episode*

“Full Bars”
The Belcher kids break their Halloween tradition by ditching their usual trick-or-treating route and venturing off to Kingshead Island, a posh neighborhood known for distributing full-sized candy bars. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda attend Teddy’s annual “Black and Orange” party.


Sunday, October 7 – 9pm ET/PT *A Halloween Special Episode*

**Jon Hamm (Mad Men), Dick Wolf (Law & Order: SVU), Mark Burnett (Survivor) and Sandra Bernhard (The L Word) Guest Voice**
“Ratings Guy”
The Griffins are selected to be a Nielsen family and have their television viewing habits monitored. When Peter takes his enthusiasm too far, he soon finds himself becoming a target of hostility.


Sunday, October 7 – 9:30pm ET/PT *A Halloween Special Episode*

“Killer Vacation”
The Smith family’s tropical vacation turns out to be anything but relaxing when Stan is assigned a mission to kill the activities director at their resort. Meanwhile, Hayley and Jeff try to rekindle their fading romance, and Roger, as his latest persona, Abigail Lemonparty falls for an older gentleman.


Sunday, October 7 – 10pm ET/PT 

**Maura Tierney (ER) and Nathan Lane (Charlie Lawrence) Guest Star**
“And the Law Won”

Amidst staff and budget cuts at the firm, Will tries to help by turning down a low settlement offer in his first case back from suspension. Meanwhile, Alicia unexpectedly aids Peter’s campaign.




Weeknights – 7pm ET/PT

This week, ET gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at Dancing with the Stars. The celebrity news team also catches up with Justin Bieber about his brand-new project and Oscar® beauty, Halle Berry.


Weeknights – 7:30pm ET/PT

ET Canada catches up with Ben Affleck about his new movie, Argo. Talk-show darling Ricki Lake is back, and tackles a series of new topics on her new show The Ricki Lake Show. Plus, New Kids on the Block star Jordan Knight talks about his solo project. And it’s ET Canada like you have never seen before as the show goes live once a week this month starting October 3.