Smallville playing hide and seek on A-Channel


It appears that a lot of viewers are wondering what happened to the season 5 of Smallville o­n A-Channel. After premiering the show o­n october 1st, the show didn't air as scheduled o­n saturday.

Most fans of the series sat down saturday @ 7pm o­n A-Channel o­nly to find out that The Dead Zone was airing in it's place.

It seems that an o­n-air scoller mentionned that Smallville would air o­n monday but a lot of people seemd to have missed it as we've received quite a few e-mails concerning this.

So after checking with their advanced listings that we receive for our “Primetime Tonight” feature o­n the main page (that is currently unavailable but will return in november), we discovered that for the next three weeks (at least), Smallville will air Mondays @ 9pm (local time) because Just Legal, who previously aired o­n this timeslot has been canceled late last week by The WB.

Filling the empty timeslot left by the move of Smallville o­n all A-Channels (except A-Channel Victoria/Vancouver), Access Hollywood – Week-end edition will move ahead to 7pm to make room for The Dead Zone @ 5pm.

For A-Channel Victoria/Vancouver which previously aired Smallville sundays @ 6pm, The Dead Zone will air in it's place. The Week-end edition of Access Hollywood doens't air o­n the Victoria station.

This change for Smallville is effective until further notice for all A-Channels.

Here's the episodes that will air over the next followig weeks:
Monday Oct. 10th @ 9pm – Episode: Mortal
Monday Oct. 17th @ 8pm – Episode: Hidden
Monday Oct. 24th @ 9pm – Episode: Aqua

You can also catch Smallville o­n Space, sundays @ 7pm