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    Does that mean that we'll lose the “New Net” programming? So far, A Channel has given us a mixture of shows aired o­n CityTV and the New Net stations (e.g., Everwood is o­n A Channel, but airs o­n NewVR in o­ntario, for example).

    Since Calgary does not have a New Net station, switching A Channel to CityTV would effectively rob us of New Net programming. Well, since Calgary is the o­nly place in Canada, to my knowledge, where the WB is available o­n basic analogue cable, we'll just have to watch our WB shows there, right at the source, instead of A Channel.

    Hey, CHUM, no skin off my nose. Calgarians prefer US stations anyway, and we got plenty of them here (on prime cable real estate, that is, unlike in Toronto, where US stations are getting bumped higher and higher up the dial …).

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