CTV Adds Romantic Comedy Series I’m with Her to 2003 Fall Schedule


CTV’s announced today the addition of the new series, I’m with Her to its 2003 Fall schedule. The romantic comedy series will air Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET, beginning September 30 (check local listings).

David Sutcliffe as Patrick Owen and Teri Polo as Alexandra Young
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Starring Teri Polo (Meet the Parents, The Practice, Sports Night) and Canadian David Sutcliffe (Gilmore Girls), I’m with Her tells the story of an average guy who meets and begins dating a not-so-average woman, who happens to be a world-renowned movie star. From writers Marco Pennette (creator of Caroline in the City) and Chris Henchy (Spin City), the series is loosely based on Henchy’s relationship with Brooke Shields.

I’m With Her begins with a chance meeting. Patrick Owen (Sutcliffe), a down-to-earth and dedicated high school teacher, grabs a cup of coffee with his best friend and fellow teacher Stevie (Danny Comden), when he’s bitten by love… literally. The gnashing jaws of a dog are deeply embedded in his rear. The owner of the dog is famous movie star Alex Young (Ms. Polo). Over her apologies, Patrick recognizes Alex’s famous face and makes light of the situation. But not before she writes her number down on Patrick’s hand… for any medical costs incurred. She walks away, leaving Patrick awestruck, dumbstruck and completely smitten.

Despite the incessant pleading of Stevie to call her, Patrick feels that Alex is way out of his league. He dates teachers, and it should probably stay that way. Back at Alex’s house, her overprotective and cynical sister, Cheri (Rhea Seehorn), panics about the dog biting and how Alex could give a complete stranger their phone number. Alex is not as suspicious, and maybe even hopeful he’ll call.

But fate and chemistry prove stronger than perceived impressions, and Alex and Patrick begin dating. Patrick is unprepared for the chaos that comes with Alex. He loses his anonymity, is stalked by paparazzi and jeopardizes his job. All of which makes him wonder – Is it possible to find true love under the hot spotlight of the media?

I’m with Her stars Teri Polo as Alex Young, David Sutcliffe as Patrick Owen, Danny Comden as Stevie Johannson and Rhea Seehorn as Cheri. Pennette and Henchy, who co-created the series, are the executive producers, along with Smallville’s Mike Tollin, Brian Robbins and Joe Davola, and Jack Burditt (award-winning writer, Mad About You, Frasier). I’m with Her, which is filmed before an audience, is from Tollin/Robbins Productions and Warner Bros. Television Production Inc.