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    This whole preemption business on Saturday and Sunday afternoons is a distinct possibility. As you correctly pointed out, this is exactly what happened to 7th Heaven when it was still on CTV.

    Preempting a program for some time is not a problem IF CTV picks up again with the next episode. Instead, and this is what they did to 7th Heaven, they preempt the show for several weeks (at one point, 7th Heaven was gone for about 8-9 weeks), but then continue with the same episode that is shown on the originating US network that week – in effect, dropping about 8 episodes that are then never shown in Canada.

    Global does this too, even with shows that have a continuing storyline (The Practice, Family Practice and many others). As one Global exec explained to me about 2 years ago, they are bound by their agreements with the US networks to show the same episode as the originating US network that week. So, if a show has been preempted by a Canadian broadcaster, and if they can’t fit it in anywhere else that same week, that particular episode is lost forever. Your only chance to see it then is on the originating US network (which is why Canadians, who all have access to US networks, never even bother with the broadcast on a Canadian network and watch their favourite shows on the originating US networks whenever possible).

    It’s a stupid and moronic rule, but, hey, this is Canadian broadcasting. Our own broadcasters basically tell us: well, if you can’t watch the episode here, just go to one of the US channels instead.

    And now that most Canadians have access to US timeshifting channels, we can watch all our shows in their original US broadcast format, because timeshifting channels are not subject to simulcast rules (whereby cable companies would replace the US signal with the Canadian one).

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    Hey! I like the timeshifting on Shaw! When Global aired The Apprentice, they cut out the promo for next week’s episode, so I just tape the end of the show off KHQ, and watch it afterwards… Plus, the Super Bowl is now more exciting since now I can ACTUALLY watch the American commercials off KREM…

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    Oh, I like the timeshifting channels too. Please don’t get me wrong. I merely pointed out the things that Canadian broadcasters are doing to "make sure" that Canadians do, in fact, turn to American channels and timeshifting channels.

    It just proves that the CRTC has been totally ineffective, which is why the Tories are right to reduce its role in the future. In other words, it cannot get any "worse".

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    When was the last time that W-FIVE (I prefer W5, but I’ll save that) was in the same time slot for more than one season in a row? I don’t even bother with W-FIVE anymore, because I never know when it’s on. Pick a time, and stick to it. 60 Minutes has always been on at 7 PM on Sundays as long as I’ve been alive (since the late 80s). I know that if I turn to CBS at 7 PM on Sunday, I will see 60 Minutes. There is no reliability for that with W-FIVE. There was even a point that I wondered if W-FIVE had been cancelled, since I hadn’t been able to find it for a month.

    CTV is importing way too much programming. Instead they need to expand their local programming blocks. For example, CKCO should be able to bring back Sunday AM, or whatever else they can come up with (Bowling for Dollars, anyone?). Viewers want to know what affects them, not just what affects residents of the GTA.

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