2018 FIFA World Cup Broadcast Schedule

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Thursday, June 14      Russia vs. Saudi Arabia      11am               TSN/CTV, FOX


Friday, June 15         Egypt vs. Uruguay                    8am                 TSN

Morocco vs. Iran                      11am                TSN, FOX

Portugal vs. Spain                    2pm                 TSN, FOX


Saturday, June 16    France vs. Australia                 6am                 TSN/CTV

Argentina vs. Iceland                9am                 TSN/CTV, FOX

Peru vs. Denmark                    12pm               TSN/CTV

Croatia vs. Nigeria                   3pm                 TSN/CTV


Sunday, June 17       Costa Rica vs. Serbia              8am                TSN/CTV, FOX

Germany vs. Mexico                 11am               TSN/CTV

Brazil vs. Switzerland                2pm                 TSN/CTV


Monday, June 18      Sweden vs. Korea Republic     8am                 TSN

Belgium vs. Panama                 11am               TSN

Tunisia vs. England                    2pm                 TSN


Tuesday, June 19     Colombia vs. Japan                 8am                 TSN

Poland vs. Senegal                  11am               TSN, FOX

Russia vs. Egypt                       2pm                 TSN, FOX


Wednesday, June 20      Portugal vs. Morocco            8am                TSN

Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia    11am               TSN, FOX

Iran vs. Spain                          2pm                TSN, FOX


Thursday, June 21   Denmark vs. Australia             8am                 TSN

France vs. Peru                        11am               TSN, FOX

Argentina vs. Croatia               2pm                 TSN, FOX


Friday, June 22          Brazil vs. Costa Rica               8am                 TSN

Nigeria vs. Iceland                   11am               TSN, FOX

Serbia vs. Switerland               2pm                 TSN, FOX


Saturday, June 23    Belgium vs. Tunisia                  8am                 TSN/CTV

Korea Republic vs. Mexico     11am               TSN/CTV, FOX

Germany vs. Sweden               2pm                 TSN/CTV, FOX


Sunday, June 24      England vs. Panama                8am                 TSN/CTV

Japan vs. Senegal                    11am               TSN/CTV, FOX

Poland vs. Colombia                2pm                 TSN/CTV, FOX


Monday, June 25      Uruguay vs. Russia                  10am               TSN, FOX

Saudi Arabia vs. Egypt            10am               TSN2

Iran vs. Portugal                         2pm                 TSN, FOX

Spain vs. Morocco                    2pm                 TSN2



Tuesday, June 26     Denmark vs. France                 10am               TSN, FOX

Australia vs. Peru                      10am               TSN2

Nigeria vs. Argentina                 2pm                 TSN, FOX

Iceland vs. Croatia                     2pm                 TSN2


Wednesday, June 27      Korea Republic vs. Germany    10am               TSN

Mexico vs. Sweden                    10am               TSN2, FOX

Serbia vs. Brazil                          2pm                 TSN, FOX

Switzerland vs. Costa Rica        2pm                 TSN2


Thursday, June 28   Senegal vs. Colombia             10am               TSN, FOX

Japan vs. Poland                      10am               TSN2

England vs. Belgium                 2pm                 TSN, FOX

Panama vs. Tunisia                  2pm                 TSN2


Saturday, June 30    1C vs. 2D                                 10am               TSN/CTV, FOX

1A vs. 2B                                  2pm                 TSN/CTV, FOX


Sunday, July 1          1B vs. 2A                                 10am               TSN/CTV, FOX

1D vs. 2C                                 2pm                 TSN/CTV, FOX


Monday, July 2         1E vs. 2F                                  10am               TSN

1G vs. 2H                                 2pm                 TSN, FOX


Tuesday, July 3        1F vs. 2E                                 10am               TSN

1H vs. 2G                                 2pm                 TSN, FOX


Friday, July 6             Quarterfinal 1                         10am               TSN

Quarterfinal 2                         2pm                 TSN


Saturday, July 7       Quarterfinal 3                         10am               TSN/CTV, FOX

Quarterfinal 4                         2pm                 TSN/CTV, FOX


Tuesday, July 10        Semifinal 1                           2pm                 TSN/CTV2, FOX


Wednesday, July 11    Semifinal 2                         2pm                 TSN/CTV, FOX


Saturday, July 14       3rd Place Match                  10am               TSN/CTV, FOX


Sunday, July 15          Final                                         11am               TSN/CTV, FOX


NOTE: All Times listed are for match kick-off.  TSN broadcasts commence 30 minutes prior for pre-game show.

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