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The high-stakes pursuit of beautiful things is surprisingly dirty. Set in the glamorous cutthroat world of premium auction houses, shomi™ presents The Art of More: a seductive and thrilling new drama exploring the dark underbelly of a multi-million dollar business filled with hustlers, smugglers, power mongers, and collectors. A Canadian exclusive, shomi will debut all 10 episodes of Crackle’s first original scripted drama on November 20 (the day after the U.S. roll out on Crackle). From collector to criminal, sometimes the gap is shockingly narrow – and the web of deception is undeniably captivating… and bingeable!

Whether buyer, seller, or something in between, everyone in The Art of More is chasing something they want. And the more they want it, the more they risk taking the wrong turn. At the centre of the story, Graham Connor (Christian Cooke) is a rough-around-the-edges Brooklynite whose blue-collar upbringing included cherished museum outings, as well as teenage run-ins with the law. Graham’s unique interests and skill set served him well as an army soldier stationed in Iraq, where he stumbled into the clandestine world of artifacts smuggling. Back home, Graham leveraged that experience to move among the elite New York art circles that would otherwise be closed to someone like him. Mentored by aristocratic antiquities collector Arthur Davenport (Cary Elwes), Graham acquired a veneer of professional polish and is busy reinventing himself as a savvy junior account executive at leading Park Avenue auction house Parke-Mason.

While Graham may have adopted a more cultured and civilized persona, he has not lost the cunning and tenacity that were essential in his earlier life. He steps on his colleagues’ toes as he aggressively pursues new accounts, but finds a formidable competitor in Roxana Whitman (Kate Bosworth), a top account executive at the rival auction house, DeGraaf. The daughter of the firm’s CEO, the coolly poised Roxanna was born into the business and thrives there. Like Graham, she is willing to cut ethical corners, driven by a profound need to prove her worth to her aloof father and the family that has dismissed her at every turn. And both are determined to land what will be the auction of the decade: the world-class art collection of charismatic real estate tycoon and self-made billionaire Sam Brukner (Dennis Quaid). But Brukner is a wild card; with his huge ego and ambitions that go well beyond real estate, every decision and every relationship is subject to his quest for power.

The Art of More was created by Chuck Rose. Writers and Executive Producers: Gardner Stern (NYPD Blue, Law and Order) and Chuck Rose.  Executive Producers: Dennis Quaid (Vegas, ANY GIVEN SUNDAY), Laurence Mark (JERRY MAGUIRE, DREAMGIRLS), Gary Fleder (RUNAWAY JURY, The Shield) and Tamara Chestna.  Starring Dennis Quaid, Christian Cooke (Magic City), Kate Bosworth (STILL ALICE) and Cary Elwes (THE PRINCESS BRIDE, SAW).

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