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    Too bad that the schedule doesn’t allow for those in other regions to have a correct schedule as well, especially for live events. For example, the hockey game tonight starts at 5 local time here in Vancouver and the PBS station from Seattle airs Charlie Rose at about 2 pm pacific.

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    Thanks for your comment. This is a new feature and I will evaluate it’s success and depending on its popularity, I might add more features like the ones you’ve described.

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    The grid looks fine for ET but you say it is from 7pm to 11pm. The 7-8 block is cut off and I can’t seem to find a way to see or scroll back to the 7-8pm

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    Ally Oop

    It’s a great feature! I know its probably a lot of work for you but in the future I just wanted to advocate adding a few of the specialty channels too–not all of them but maybe the top ones like Discovery, A&E, MuchMusic, History, Space and Showcase. I’m finding that half the shows I watch are now on the specialty channels so coming here all I see are the nets’ shows.

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    Ally Oop

    P.S. I do love this feature though! I like seeing all the Canadian and American nets together and it allows me to arrange my DVR in such a way with timeshifting as necessary.

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    Ally Oop

    One more comment. Maybe you could show 7pm to 11pm instead. The 11 o’clock hour is usually news anyhow while several of the Canadian nets air new shows in the 7 o’clock hour.

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    Randi Dertzo

    Thanks for your comments Ally & JR.
    Yes, I will move the time back one hour to have 7pm-11pm starting tomorrow.

    As for adding specialty channels, it is definitely something I will add to the list of future improvements.

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