Channel Canada Unveils New Feature: Primetime TV Grid

Following tuesdays announcement, I’m happy to announce yet another new feature to the website! The Primetime TV Grid is a cool new feature that lets you view the primetime grids (7pm-11pm) for tonight as well as up to 8 days in advance. The channels are CBC, City, CTV, CTV Two, Global, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and PBS. You can also click on the program to view more details about the show.

In the grid, (N) indicates that the episode is a new one and it indicated when it is the premiere of finale episode!

The Primetime TV Grid is located just above the menu. Simply click on it to expand the section that will unveil the primetime grid for tonight. At the bottom of the grid, there’s a day selector where you can select up to 8 days in advance.



Clicking on the highlighted section will expand the section to reveal the grid like below. Try it now!


Stay tuned to Channel Canada for more new features coming very soon!