I’m Randi Dertzo, owner of Channel Canada and I welcome you to my site! Channel Canada is a website that covers all area of the TV industry in Canada. It cover news from media corporations like Bell Media and Shaw Media, TV Channels like CTV, Global and CBC, production companies like E1 Entertainment and Sinking Ship Entertainment as well as telecommunications companies like Videotron Ltd. and Rogers Communications inc.

Channel Canada also has discussion forums for you to discuss with me or other forum members all the news you see on Channel Canada. It is also a great place to ask question about your favorite TV shows. (The forums were previously located at viewers.ca)

Each year, from may to december, we maintain our very popular fall coverage, THE most complete fall tv-related website, which includes fall schedules of all major Canadian networks and stations, U.S. networks and Canadian specialty channels with a description of all new shows and midseason replacements possibilities. New content starts to be added with the U.S. Upfront, followed by Canadian networks in early june and the rest following in july, august and september. Check it out at www.falltvpreview.com.

Channel Canada was created by myself and John Melville back in 2001. We’ve been maintaining the sites for more than 10 years but John has moved on to persue other projects and I wish him the best of luck.

Other people behind Channel Canada

Gordon McDougall

Gordon has been reviewing new fall tv shows for falltvpreview.com for a few years now. Gordon is a reporter and has a TV-related segment airing on Ottawa’s CFRA.

Melissa Dupuis

Melissa is our newest reviewer. She provides us news concerning the Canadian Upfront and also reviews new fall tv shows on falltvpreview.com.

Close to 20 years providing TV news on the net!

From 1993 to 1998, I’ve maintained Montreal’s Favorite TV Shows, my very first website! There was no RSS, Twitter or Facebook at that time so it was much more difficult to get all the info!

In 1998 up until the summer of 2001, I created and maintained Canada’s TV Zone. In the summer of 2001, my and John launched Channel Canada. We relaunched the site with a new skin in 2006 and continued maintaining it together until 2012. The current version of Channel Canada has been online since june 2012.

Media Contact Information

If you are a TV station, media company or production company and would like to have your news posted on Channel Canada or would like us to review new programs, please email me at rad@channelcanada.com

General Contact Information

Although our website name might make you think we are a TV station, we are not! Channel Canada is a website that has no affiliation with any tv station or media company. If you notice a problem or have suggestions on how to improve the site, please email me at rad@channelcanada.com

If you have a question about a TV program or a TV station, you may ask your questions on our discussion forum.

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